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article News story: Poverty czar Frank Field MP gives lecture on welfare reforms
21, March , 2013

‘Poverty czar’ and Labour politician, the Rt Hon Frank Field MP, will argue that austerity offers unprecedented opportunities to change the welfare system, at the Beveridge Lecture at Queen Mary, University of London on 27 March, 2013.

article News story: Conference explores British anxieties on the eve of the Great War
11, November , 2013

The first in a five-year series of events to run at Queen Mary University of London in commemoration of the centenary of World War One will be hosted from 14-15 November.

article News story: What was the point of the party conferences?
2, October , 2013

Tim Bale, a professor in politics, ponders whether party conferences are still relevant today.

article News story: For one night only, The Carnival of Lost Emotions rolls into Queen Mary
14, March , 2013

The Carnival of Lost Emotions rolled in to Barts Pathology Museum – part of Queen Mary, University of London – on Wednesday 13 March for a time-travelling journey through the dark world of long-forgotten and obsolete human feelings.

Photo credit: Suzanne LaGasa, Flickr article News story: Number 10 'Men of Secrets: Cabinet Secretaries' unveiled in series of films produced by Queen Mary
23, May , 2013

Cabinet Secretaries who served from the time of Thatcher to Cameron will be giving a unique insight into their time in office in a series of films produced by Queen Mary, University of London in partnership with Number 10.

Professor Ian Walden article News story: Law professor joins European Commission panel to increase take-up trust in cloud computing contracts
20, November , 2013

Ian Walden, Professor of Information and Communications Law at Queen Mary University of London, has been appointed to a new group set up by the European Commission (EC) to boost consumer trust in cloud computing.

article News story: Jules Evans wins BBC broadcasting competition
20, May , 2013

Philosopher Jules Evans from Queen Mary, University of London is among 10 UK academics to win the title of BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker 2013 and turn their groundbreaking ideas into top broadcasting.

article News story: BBC Two recreates Pride and Prejudice ball with the help of Queen Mary historian Amanda Vickery
2, May , 2013

It’s been 200 years since Jane Austen's most famous novel Pride and Prejudice was published – it has since gone on to charm generations of readers through several TV and film adaptations.

article News story: 3D films just a fad or here to stay?
11, December , 2013

3D movies have seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years with the release of Avatar and Gravity, but is this just a passing phase or is the future bright?

Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre (LAC) article News story: QM Legal Advice centre is runner-up at Pro Bono Awards
25, March , 2013

A legal advice centre at Queen Mary, University of London, was a double runner-up in two categories at the annual Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards.

article News story: Barmy behaviour leads to a happy life according to a new book on the work of British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott
1, March , 2013

Obsessively playing Angry Birds on your phone or watching cult films on loop is 'barmy' behaviour that can actually lead to a happy life according to British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott whose work is the subject of a new book edited by a film studies expert at Queen Mary, University of London.

The Dabbawallas (lunch delivery men) of Mumbai article News story: Slumdogs and Millionaires: geography Mumbai field-trip
3, April , 2013

Twenty-six final year geography undergraduates at Queen Mary, University of London headed to Mumbai to explore the geographical diversity of people’s lives in 21st century India.

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris. Photo © Tony'TK'Smith article News story: ‘The Chirugeon’s Apprentice’ launches public campaign for history of medicine film
5, March , 2013

A researcher at Queen Mary, University of London wants to produce a documentary chronicling the gruesome horrors of pre-anaesthetic surgery and the history of anatomical collections, and is crowd-sourcing to raise funding for it.

article News story: Amanda helps to re-create the world of Pride and Prejudice for BBC Two documentary
28, January , 2013

Amanda Vickery, Professor of Early Modern History, will co-front a BBC Two programme which recreates an entire Regency ball in honour of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s popular novel Pride and Prejudice.

article News story: Unseen Soviet Holocaust Film Footage Uncovered
25, January , 2013

To coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January a new book has been published which uncovers previously neglected Soviet films that show the earliest ever cinematic records of the holocaust.

article News story: Former British Prime Minister makes rare UK appearance to mark 100th meeting of Mile End Group
28, October , 2013

Speaking to the Mile End Group at Queen Mary University of London this morning (Monday 28 October), former Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of the need for governments to modernise and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

article News story: Research into 'Aviation English' to identify miscommunication issues
27, September , 2013

Language communication problems in the aviation industry are to be studied by linguists at Queen Mary University of London in a project initiated and led by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

article News story: Identity Politics in Your Wallet
26, June , 2013

The Bank of England has come under storm for featuring too few women on its banknotes. Why not abandon the Great Britons approach altogether, argues Dr Helen McCarthy, lecturer in history.

The winners: (l-r) Sally Salvesen, Frederick Smith, History Today editor Paul Lay, Pauline Hubner, Bill Schwarz. Photo © History Today article News story: Queen Mary’s Bill Schwarz wins Book of the Year at Longman/History Today Awards
11, January , 2013

English professor Bill Schwarz, of Queen Mary, University of London, beat nine other shortlisted authors to scoop Book of the Year at the Longman/History Today Awards for his study of colonial society as the age of the British Empire drew to a close.

Photo by Gerry Knight - Flickr article News story: Present day Cockney speakers more likely to live in Essex than the East End of London
24, July , 2013

The term Cockney is now irrelevant to many people who live in the innermost suburbs of the east end of London, according to a linguistic expert.

Photo credit Agencia Brasil article News story: Death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez - Comment
8, March , 2013

Earlier this week the iconic Venezuela leader President Hugo Chavez died aged 58, after 14 years in power. Professor James Dunkerley, an expert in Latin American politics and modern history, discusses the man, his career and how he may be remembered.

article News story: Leading light in construction of post-Apartheid South Africa launches Human Rights Collegium at QM
28, February , 2013

Justice "Albie" Sachs, who was appointed judge to the Constitutional Court of South Africa by Nelson Mandela, will speak about his career as a human rights activist when he delivers the inaugural lecture of the UK's first Human Rights Collegium led by Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Professor speaks at World Economic Forum
24, January , 2013

Professor of Drama and Performance, Paul Heritage has addressed two sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

article News story: QM alumnus and entrepreneur pilots new tagging marketing business on campus
9, October , 2013

A Queen Mary University of London alumnus has received funding for his fledgling tagging marketing business venture in a new government-backed scheme chaired by the former Dragon’s Den investor James Caan.

Mayor Boris Johnson announcing the new London Living Wage rate: Photo credit: Chris Jepson article News story: Report shows living wage campaign has helped put millions of pounds into pockets of low paid workers
4, November , 2013

New research from Professor Jane Wills of Queen Mary University of London has found that in the two years since the Living Wage Foundation launched they have won the living wage for 23,000 workers, and put £49m into the pockets of low-income families.

article News story: Tim Bale Professor of Politics reflects on the legacy of Margaret Thatcher
9, April , 2013

Noting her extraordinary impact and disputed legacy, Professor Tim Bale  reflects on the positives and negatives of Margaret Thatcher’s career following her death on 8th April.

article News story: Want to be the next UN Secretary General or CIA Director; then get an MPA
7, February , 2013

Did you know that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, former CIA Director David Petraeu, and the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong all have one thing in common?  They are graduates of Masters’ programmes in Public Administration (MPA).

Liz Kendall MP (Centre) and Duncan O'Leary Demos (Right) article News story: One Nation Debate
23, April , 2013

A conference on 18 April hosted by Queen Mary, University of London brought together senior politicians, academics and political thinkers, including Ed Miliband’s manifesto chief Jon Cruddas and Labour peers Maurice Glasman and Stewart Wood, to debate “The Politics of One Nation Labour”.

article News story: Dealing with Difference: Jews, Muslims and the British Left Today
7, May , 2013

How the British Left deals with Jewish and Muslim difference is the latest subject up for debate in a lecture by Dr Brian Klug of the University of Oxford.

L to R: Minister of Education (NI) John O’Dowd; Dr Anna Bryson; Professor Séan McConville; Professor Ciaran Brady (TCD) and Minister of Education (RoI) Ruairi Quinn article News story: Queen Mary Peace Process project unveils new film
10, June , 2013

The experiences of former schoolteachers and students who lived through the worst years of the Northern Ireland conflict are explored in a short film created as part of a unique project on the peace process.

Multi-colour fluorescent labelled human DNA packaged in chromosomes. Image courtesy of Professor Denise Sheer. article News story: Queen Mary academic named Chief Scientist for Genomics England
5, July , 2013

Professor Mark Caulfield, Director of the William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary, University of London, has been named as the Chief Scientist of Genomics England – the company launched by the government today to drive forward the introduction of high-tech DNA mapping.

Painting by Giotto of St Francis - Miracle of the Crucifix article News story: What's in a name? Pope Francis, God’s Bricklayer
18, March , 2013

Comment piece by Professor Wayne Parsons on the new Pope's choice of name. As I heard the name of Francis announced last Wednesday night I felt, like many Catholics, I am sure, elated and deeply moved by the choice of the name of one of our most beloved saints, St. Francis of Assisi. The image that came into my mind was the famous picture by Giotto of St. Francis being told by Christ in the church of San Damiano to ‘repair my Church because it is falling into ruin’. Francis (the first) has, like his namesake, now taken on the job of ‘God’s bricklayer’.

article News story: Bari speaks at world's largest philosophy festival
2, May , 2013

A Lecturer in Romanticism at Queen Mary, University of London is taking part in the world's largest philosophy festival later this month.

The Ten Bells pub - TV chef Jamie Oliver's great great grandfather was a landlord in the 1880s article News story: New walking tour app brings East End history to life
20, November , 2013

As BBC 1’s Ripper Street keeps audiences hooked and across the city, Queen Mary University of London has brought some 300 years of colourful East End history to life through a free smartphone tour app.

article News story: Policy making in and out of power: a dozen lessons
2, July , 2013

A blog post by Professor Tim Bale: At an event last week co-organised by the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London and kindly hosted by Jon Cruddas MP, who is in charge of Labour’s Policy Review, an audience gathered in the House of Commons to hear from three experienced policy people from across the party spectrum: James O’Shaughnessy (Director of the Conservative Research Department, 2007-10 and Director of Policy to the Prime Minister, 2010-2011), Polly Mackenzie (Senior Strategy Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister since 2010 before which she was in charge of policy for the Lib Dems), and Nick Pearce (currently Director of the IPPR, formerly Head of the Number Ten Policy Unit, 2008-10).

article News story: Cyber expert argues blocking not the answer to Internet safety and piracy
5, March , 2013

COMMENT BY JULIE HÖRNLE Last week (1 March 2013) it was reported that Internet piracy had been handed a blow after three file sharing sites were facing the chop under a quick fire order from the High Court.

article News story: Argentine Film Festival supported by QM’s Maria Delgado
15, April , 2013

Film critic, author and QM Professor of Theatre and Screen, Maria Delgado is one of the leading players promoting the work or some of Argentina’s most exciting new directors and musicians at the 2nd Argentine Film Festival London.

L to R: Nick Bartlett (Director of Education CFA UK) and Professor George Kapetanios, Head of the School of Economics and Finance article News story: QM economics and finance programmes given industry accreditation
3, April , 2013

Three economics and finance programmes at Queen Mary, University of London have been given industry accreditation by the UK’s leading association for investment professionals.  

article News story: Law professor turns to theatre to highlight the human rights abuses committed by global businesses
9, October , 2013

A series of thought-provoking plays, aimed at raising the awareness of the controversial issue of human abuses carried out by international businesses working in developing countries, will be premiered across the UK.

Canary Wharf skyline article News story: New study shows philanthropic side to Canary Wharf has helped improve the lives of east Londoners
18, November , 2013

Contrary to the public perception of corporate ‘fat cats’, multinationals at Canary Wharf have embraced a culture of social responsibility, investing heavily in east London community projects since moving to the Docklands 20 years ago, finds a new study from Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Free legal advice offer to Tech City
6, November , 2013

A new free legal advice service has been launched for east London digital companies by Queen Mary University of London as part of National Pro Bono Week. (4-8 Nov).

Professor Jerry Brotton (credit BBC) article News story: Professor Jerry Brotton explores Northern Ireland’s history in BBC’s Mapping Ulster
25, April , 2013

On Monday April 29 Queen Mary, University of London’s Professor Jerry Brotton will be presenting a television documentary on BBC Northern Ireland called ‘Mapping Ulster’.

article News story: Law academic awarded prestigious fellowship
27, October , 2013

Queen Mary law academic, Dr Maksymilian Del Mar has been awarded a prestigious legal fellowship.

Professor David Schalkwyk - Photo by Julie Ainsworth. Courtesy of Folger Shakespeare Library. article News story: International scholar appointed as director of Global Shakespeare
15, July , 2013

An internationally renowned Shakespeare scholar has been appointed as Academic Director of a new research collaboration dedicated to the playwright’s world-wide impact.

article News story: Call for children’s charities, ISPs and the adult industry to work together to protect kids from online porn
13, December , 2013

Children’s charities, parental support organisations, members of the UK’s and US adult industry and major internet service providers  (ISPs) have committed to work together to ensure that better measures are introduced to help prevent youngsters being able to access hardcore pornography online.

article News story: QM map historian unveils unique 3-D Mappa Mundi at Hay Festival
30, May , 2013

Using cutting edge 3D digital scanning technology - the 700-year-old Mappa Mundi - the world’s largest surviving medieval map will be brought to life by a historian from Queen Mary, University of London at the Hay Festival on Saturday, 1 June 2013.

© Sama Mara article News story: Tea dance for all ages
2, September , 2013

Get your dancing shoes and step back in time to the sounds of the roaring '20s, '30s and '40s at a tea dance at the People’s Palace, Queen Mary University of London.

Ian Walden, Professor of Information and Communication Law article News story: Is spying on other European states illegal?
8, July , 2013

Information and communications law expert, Professor Ian Walden of Queen Mary, University of London was interviewed by Social Europe Journal about the legal issues surrounding the recent alleged spying activities of the NSA and GCHQ. 

Professor Amanda Vickery article News story: QM academics take part in UK's largest festival dedicated to history
27, June , 2013

Two Queen Mary, University of London academics are involved in one of the UK’s largest festivals dedicated to history this week.

article News story: Cutting edge wildlife and nature film festival hosted by Queen Mary
3, May , 2013

A rare collection of 48 natural history films spanning over 100 years of cinema will be shown at the first Screening Nature Film Festival hosted by Queen Mary, University of London and the Whitechapel Gallery from 18-19 May 2013. 

article News story: Queen Mary introduces new LLM in International Shipping Law
30, January , 2013

Queen Mary, University of London has become the first College within the University of London to offer a Masters of Law specialism in International Shipping Law.

article News story: Groundbreaking conference on British TV and film stardom to be held at Queen Mary
25, October , 2013

British stardom is on the ascendency with many actors gaining critical acclaim starring in hit US television series and Hollywood blockbusters.

Photo credit: Louis Lesson article News story: Maria gets excited about film director Pedro Almodóvar new movie
29, April , 2013

Maria Delgado, Drama Professor at Queen Mary University of London, has reviewed the new Pedro Almodóvar comedy film I’m So Excited’ for the Sight & Sound magazine (May 2013).

article News story: Internationally renowned author and filmmaker Tariq Ali speaks at QM
1, March , 2013

Tariq Ali, the internationally renowned author, filmmaker and cultural commentator will be providing a thought-provoking reappraisal of Islamic history in Europe at a public lecture at Queen Mary on 6 March.

Maria Delgado with the director Pedro Almodóvar and actress Penélope Cruz article News story: QM professor recognised with double award success
25, October , 2013

Maria Delgado, a Professor of Theatre & Screen Arts in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, has been recognised with not one but two prestigious international awards.

article News story: London life for Latin Americans explored in play
24, May , 2013

An award-winning play about the Latin American migrant community, which was inspired by research from an academic at Queen Mary, University of London, is currently being premiered in London at the Southwark Playhouse.

article News story: From hunger strikes to bombings: new book offers first-hand accounts of 20th-century Irish political prisoners
20, November , 2013

Irish Political Prisoners 1920-1962: Pilgrimage of Desolation is the second volume of a trilogy by Seán McConville, a professor in Law and Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Lord Adonis appointed as visiting professor
26, November , 2013

Former minister for schools and transport The Rt Hon. the Lord Adonis has been appointed as Visiting Professor to Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Boucek's new book explores political in-fighting of Western Governments
4, February , 2013

Italy's Democratic party, front runners in this month's general election, has drawn criticism for political in-fighting, however such internal division (factionalism) is an issue that plagues all democratic governments, suggests an expert on European politics at Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Dr Thomas Dixon explores history of weeping on BBC Radio 3
28, January , 2013

Dr Thomas Dixon, explored the cultural history of weeping in a ‘Sunday Feature’ on BBC Radio 3 at 7.45pm on Sunday 27 January 2013.

article News story: Survey reveals businesses increasingly seek out specialist legal advisors to tackle a rise in international disputes
23, April , 2013

An increase in international disputes means the number of businesses hiring in-house specialist arbitration lawyers is set to rise according to a new report by Queen Mary, University of London and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

article News story: Queen Mary historian teams up with BBC to uncover London’s war stories
17, October , 2013

A Queen Mary University of London historian is among a group of UK researchers chosen to join a BBC project telling the forgotten personal stories of the First World War.

article News story: Top thinktank report praises Mile End Group as the ‘way forward’ for universities
14, March , 2013

With its unprecedented access to top mandarins, industry leaders and politicians, and sustained business sponsorship, the Mile End Group - Queen Mary, University of London’s forum for political debate - has been held up by a leading policy thinktank as an example of a future model for UK universities.

article News story: Queen Mary takes part in popular Bangla festival
29, October , 2013

A Bangladeshi interpretation of Alice in Wonderland and a new take on an Oscar Wilde classic are among the performances and events to be held at Queen Mary University of London, as it contributes to ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ for the first time.

article News story: Could inflation bite back, new book asks
27, October , 2013

In her new book Professor Brigitte Granville warns governments not to think of inflation as yesterday’s problem. Present unsustainable levels of public debt could end up leading to high inflation – especially in the Eurozone.

Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey article News story: Tate launch event for book celebrating extreme performance artist
19, August , 2013

The first book on controversial performance artist Ron Athey, penned by a drama lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, will launch at the Tate Modern in September.

article News story: Child-led research reveals how children manage their anxiety going to the dentist
10, June , 2013

A unique child-led study by Queen Mary, University of London has challenged the common perception that children fear a trip to the dentist. The research shows that even the most anxious child can cope well with their feelings if they are treated with honesty.

article News story: Labour election manifesto chief to debate at QM One Nation Conference
17, April , 2013

Election manifesto chief Jon Cruddas MP, will be debating Ed Miliband’s One Nation initiative at a conference hosted by Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: LLM in Paris wins Franco-British Prize
8, February , 2013

A new LLM programme recently launched in Paris by Queen Mary, University of London, has been awarded the 2013 Franco-British Lawyers' Society (FBLS) Prize.

article News story: Queen Mary debate asks ‘Can we be good Europeans but still want to leave the EU?’
30, January , 2013

One of the country’s leading Eurosceptics and the UK’s foremost expert on its relationship with the EU will come together to ask whether you can be a good European, but still want to leave the EU, in a public debate at Queen Mary, University of London on Thursday 7 February.

article News story: Exploring psalm culture from medieval chants to gangster rap
9, July , 2013

From monks to prisoners, exiles to slaves, medieval chants and gangster rap - the Old Testament Book of  Psalms has offered comfort and inspiration to writers and musicians around the world, through the centuries and across religious divides.

Street logo Brick Lane, London in English and Bengali article News story: New research centre set up to support multilingual communities in the Capital
13, March , 2013

Speaking multiple languages looks great on your CV, but researchers at Queen Mary, University of London have found that immigrant families in the capital struggle to retain their minority languages, partly as a result of negative perceptions of raising children to speak anything other than English.

article News story: T S Eliot letter hidden for 40 years re-discovered in Queen Mary archives
12, February , 2013

A typed letter from the American poet T S Eliot has been uncovered in the archives at Queen Mary, University of London, after being hidden away for 40 years.

Shakespeare Forum workshop in Salvador, Brazil article News story: Queen Mary and RSC join forces to run Shakespeare masterclasses in Brazil
18, March , 2013

A series of masterclasses, co-run by Queen Mary, University of London and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) as part of a joint educational and artistic exchange between Brazil and the UK to celebrate the legacy of the iconic playwright, have been held in the city of Salvador.

Robert Engle (second left) with President George W. Bush and fellow Nobel Laureates article News story: Nobel Laureate in Economics to speak at international conference on Recent Advances in Commodity Markets
25, October , 2013

A panel of distinguished practitioners, including Robert Greer who founded the first investable commodity index and Robert Engle, a leading US finance expert and the joint winner of the 2003 Nobel Laureate prize in Economics, will be guest speakers at the UK’s most prominent commodity market conference to be held next month.

Ruth Martin, Managing Director, CISI and Professor George Kapetanios, Head of School of Economics and Finance article News story: Queen Mary becomes CISI Centre of Excellence
22, May , 2013

The School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary, University of London has signed an agreement with the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK recognising the university as a centre of excellence in the field of Financial Services.

Photo credit: BackBoris2012 article News story: Poll of Conservative Party members suggests Boris is the clear favourite to succeed Cameron
5, August , 2013

A new poll of grassroots Tories has revealed that if David Cameron loses the 2015 election, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has a clear head start in the race to replace him.

article News story: National Award for Former History Student
11, February , 2013

A former history student at Queen Mary, University of London has won a national award for his dissertation, exploring the nineteenth-century immigration of Norwegians to the USA.

article News story: New LLM programme in Energy and Natural Resources Law launched at QM
22, April , 2013

Energy and Natural Resources is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and as it continues to grow so too does the need for qualified lawyers in the UK and abroad to work in the area.

Kennedy with former president Harry Truman, courtesy of US National Archives and Records Administration article News story: New book on President Kennedy published on 50th anniversary of his death
22, November , 2013

The Man, the Myth: Professor Mark White assesses the Kennedy legacy on the 50th anniversary of his death.

article News story: Double success as law professors appointed as honorary QCs
28, February , 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren and Professor David Ormerod were among eight legal professionals to be appointed to the role of honorary Queen’s Counsel (QC) in recognition of their contribution to the law outside of the courtroom.

Professor Sir C.A. Bayly article News story: Leading historian joins Queen Mary
20, November , 2013

The School of History is pleased to announce that the eminent historian, Professor Sir C.A. Bayly, will be joining the department in September 2014.

Professor Stedman Jones article News story: Historian appointed Fellow of the British Academy
26, July , 2013

Professor Gareth Stedman Jones of the School of History, Queen Mary, University of London, has been elected to the Fellowship of the British Academy.

Ruth Mackenzie CBE article News story: Mastermind of Cultural Olympiad awarded honorary fellowship by QM
17, July , 2013

Ruth Mackenzie CBE, mastermind of the Cultural Olympiad for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, has received an honorary fellowship from Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Pioneering international collaboration in performing arts
27, June , 2013

Thirty dancers, choreographers and performance academics from China, Taiwan and the UK will join creative forces in London next month to produce nine new experimental dances.

article News story: New exhibition explores how we connect with our home’s history
20, September , 2013

A new exhibition developed by the Geffrye Museum in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London researchers, explores the hidden histories of home, and how people imagine and engage with the lives of those who lived in their homes before them.

article News story: Work of controversial Victorian East End novelist Arthur Morrison to be explored at conference
27, October , 2013

A conference to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the controversial Victorian author Arthur Morrison is being held at Queen Mary University of London on 2 November 2013.

Dr Dan Todman article News story: New First World War TV sitcom gets expert commentary from QM historian
22, August , 2013

A historian at Queen Mary University of London has provided expert commentary on a DVD to accompanying a new TV comedy set during World War One.

article News story: Queen Mary student top 3 ‘brightest and best’ in the UK
20, December , 2013

A second year English and European Law undergraduate from Queen Mary University of London reached the final of a competition to find the UK’s best and brightest students.

article News story: A tale of two languages
25, June , 2013

Language undergraduates at Queen Mary, University of London, have been given the rare opportunity of getting their creative writing published in both English and Spanish.

article News story: New research centre launched to explore how the mind works
25, November , 2013

A new research centre, which will explore the interaction between an individual's mind and the modern social world, will be officially launched at a conference at Queen Mary University of London on 28 November 2013.

L to r: QM student Alice Howarth with Stella Creasy MP article News story: MP campaigning for pay-day loan regulations joins student debate on debt crisis
2, April , 2013

One of Labour’s rising stars, Stella Creasy MP recently joined Geography students from Queen Mary, University of London to debate the UK’s current credit and debt crisis.

Archbishop of Canterbury speaking at The Summit. Photo article News story: Archbishop of Canterbury speaks at Citizens UK Summit held at Queen Mary
19, June , 2013

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby was the keynote speaker at a unique summit of over 100 national leaders from Britain’s civil society institutions hosted by Queen Mary, University of London on Wednesday 19 June 2013.

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