The brain and how it controls human and animal behaviour is a fast-moving and exciting area of study.

British Psychological Association accreditation

for our Psychology BSc

At Queen Mary we treat the topic as a natural and experimental science, whether you approach it from the perspective of psychology (perception, cognition, communication and social life) or neuroscience (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics and pharmacology).

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From our students

I chose psychology because it combines my interest in biology with skills and information you can apply in almost any workplace. I often find myself in situations that can be linked back to what I have learned from my lecturers (e.g. mental health, prejudice), and I find it fascinating to understand these phenomena which play such a big role in people's lives.
— Anna Hejlova, Psychology BSc (2018)

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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences is a large and dynamic school with strong links to industry. We offer a stimulating and supportive learning experience.

You’ll experience inspirational teaching from high-calibre staff who are leaders in their field. According to the Research Excellence Framework, 87 per cent of our chemistry and 82 per cent of our biology research is either world-leading or internationally excellent. You’ll stay up to date with weekly departmental seminars on new research findings.

Thanks to our close teaching and research links, students have special opportunities for original investigative work with the Natural History Museum, ZSL London Zoo, Forest Enterprise and University of London’s Marine Biological Station at Millport in Scotland.

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