Research news

article News story: Screening of zebrafish identifies gene involved in human nicotine addiction
30 March 2020

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown that zebrafish can provide genetic clues to smoking, a complex human behaviour 

article News story: Don’t worry about cancelled exams – research shows we should switch to teacher assessment permanently
27 March 2020

Dr Margherita Malanchini, Lecturer in Psychology, with the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, co-wrote an opinion piece for The Conversation, about the positive evidence supporting a switch from exams to teacher assessments permanently.

article News story: Queen Mary’s commitment to its community reaffirmed through partnership in the Civic University Network
27 March 2020

Queen Mary University of London’s status as a civic university, committed to supporting its local, national and international community, has been cemented today with founding partnership of a new national network.

article News story: Coronavirus: UK researchers and educators suggest recruitment and training programme for community healthcare workers could help the most vulnerable
26 March 2020

An emergency programme to train thousands of community health workers could help vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new comment piece published in The Lancet.

article News story: Queen Mary trains final year medical students to help NHS fight coronavirus
25 March 2020

Queen Mary University of London has trained 18 final-year medical students to immediately support the NHS in the fight against coronavirus.

article News story: Queen Mary academic wins teaching excellence award
24 March 2020

Dr Rosemary Clyne, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, has received the prestigious 2021 Teaching Excellence Award from the Biochemical Society.

article News story: Queen Mary researchers lead in UK first tuberculosis screening for migrants
24 March 2020

For the first time in the UK, Queen Mary researchers are leading clinics at Barts Health NHS Trust to offer latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) screening for pregnant migrants in antenatal care.

article News story: Are epigenetics really the silver bullet against climate change?
23 March 2020

Species use ‘natural’, epigenetic mechanisms to adapt to their environments but these responses may not be enough to help them cope with climate change, according to new research involving scientists from Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Parliament faced unprecedented attacks throughout Brexit according to report co-authored by Queen Mary academics
23 March 2020

The report, Parliament and Brexit, includes chapters written by Professor Tim Bale and Dr Daniel Gover from Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations.

article News story: Covid-19 and the transition period
19 March 2020

Professor Tim Bale, Professor of Politics, with the School of Politics and International Relations, wrote an opinion piece for The UK in a changing Europe, about the lack of support for an online petition to delay the Brexit transition period following the coronavirus pandemic.

article News story: Sharp rise in NHS negligence claims for lack of informed consent
19 March 2020

Negligence claims against the NHS due to failure to inform patients before they consent to procedures have spiralled up since a landmark legal ruling in 2015, a new study has found. 

article News story: Coronavirus: to avoid major humanitarian fallout, UK must act urgently
18 March 2020

Professor Sophie Harman, Professor of International Politics, with the School of Politics and International Relations, wrote an opinion piece for The Conversation about the vulnerability of the UK's welfare system in facing up to the coronavirus.