Research news

article News story: Alberto Fernández – who is the frontrunner for Argentina’s presidency?
19 August 2019

Dr Sam Halvorsen from Queen Mary's School of Geography has published an opinion piece for The Conversation about the forthcoming presidential elections in Argentina. His analysis sets out explanations for Alberto Fernández’s shock success in the recent primaries and what a victory would mean for politics in the country.

article News story: There is no great salt debate: we should be consuming less
16 August 2019

Feng He, Sonia Pombo and Monique Tan from Queen Mary's Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine published an article for The Conversation about their research into salt consumption.

article News story: It’s no wonder the military likes violent video games – they can help train civilians to become warriors
16 August 2019

Professor Neve Gordon from Queen Mary's School of Law has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about violent video games. In the context of recent massacres in the United States, he argues that there is an ethical impact of violent games on society.

article News story: New survey reveals dangerously high salt levels in picnic foods
15 August 2019

A new survey by Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London, has found that the food content of a ‘typical’ picnic basket could contain more than 5g of salt.

article News story: Ancient pigs endured a complete genomic turnover after they arrived in Europe
13 August 2019

New research led by Queen Mary University of London and Oxford University has resolved a pig paradox.

article News story: International athlete and Olympic gold medallist graduates from Queen Mary
8 August 2019

Track and field athlete Christine Ohuruogu has graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in Law. Christine is a former Olympic, World and Commonwealth champion and shares the record with Merlene Ottey and Usain Bolt for winning most successive medals in global championships between 2005 and 2016.

article News story: Costume at the National Theatre
8 August 2019

A new exhibition Costume at the National Theatre, invites guests into the world of the National Theatre’s Costume department.

article News story: Call for levy on manufacturers to reduce excessive calories in unhealthy food
7 August 2019

Today, Action on Sugar and Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London, is calling on the government to introduce a calorie (energy density) levy on all calorie dense processed foods that meet an agreed criteria set by government.

article News story: Outstanding impact in teaching recognised in national award
5 August 2019

Professor Maralyn Druce from Queen Mary University of London has been announced as a new National Teaching Fellow by Advance HE today.

article News story: Introducing Queen Mary’s new Humanities and Social Science lecturers (part five)
1 August 2019

Queen Mary’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has invested in several new strategic lectureships. Over the past few weeks we featured some of our new recruits and showcased their research.

article News story: Promising antibody therapy extends survival in mice with pancreatic cancer
1 August 2019

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London have found a way to target and knock out a single protein that they have discovered is widely involved in pancreatic cancer cell growth, survival and invasion.