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Knowledge Exchange Framework

‘Knowledge exchange’ refers to the spread of university activities that engage non-academic audiences – for example businesses, charities, community groups or the general public. These activities have direct benefits for both society and the economy.

The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) is the system for assessing the quality of knowledge exchange in UK higher education institutions, and one of many systems used to measure university impact.

Measured each year by Research England, first in 2021, the KEF allows universities to improve their own practices and deliver impactful research, while also giving non-academic audiences the information to tap into the knowledge and expertise within English universities.

For detailed examples of how our work and activities aid both society and the economy, you can find out more through the case studies and resources below. These cover the 7 areas measured by KEF and demonstrate a selection of Queen Mary’s knowledge exchange work and the impact it has in each category.

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