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The Economic and Social Impact of Queen Mary University of London

A major new report from London Economics shows Queen Mary University of London has a significant positive financial and social impact on the UK economy.

East London skyline

While we are proudly rooted in our East London community, the report finds that Queen Mary’s economic and civic impact is felt UK-wide. 

Key findings (all based on 2021/22): 

  • Queen Mary made a total economic impact on the UK economy of £4.4 billion. 
  • Every £1 Queen Mary spent generated £7 in the wider economy. This ratio is higher than the Russell Group average of £5.5:1. 
  • Queen Mary supported a total of 13,865 full-time equivalent jobs across the UK economy, 7,930 of these in London. 
  • Of the £610 million operational expenditure, 67 per cent occurred in London, with the remaining 33 per cent spread across the rest of the UK. 
  • The quality of a Queen Mary degree is reflected in its value to the exchequer of £94,000 – this is over and above supporting the career aspirations of our graduates. 

The findings come from the policy and economics consultancy London Economics’ report ‘The Economic and Social Impact of Queen Mary University of London’ [PDF 4,262KB] during the 2021/22 academic year.

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