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Exploring Queen Mary Spaces

The fortune and faces of Spitalfields changed many times in the decades before and after 1900, but it was at the turn of centry that the area became known as the 'Ghetto'. This immersive walking tour app takes us back to this time, when Jews formed nearly 95% of the population in parts of London's Spitalfields

Produced by Professor Nadia Valman-- a historian of literary East London-- and developed in association with the Jewish Museum of London, this free tour uses Israel Zangwll's bestselling 1892 novel 'Children of the Ghetto' as a walking guide to the neighbourhood.

The walk takes around 2 hours and runs via browser or can be downloaded as an app.

Explore Zangwill's Spitalfields here

Explore the WW1 medical history of Whitechapel with this family trail. Created by a team of young people aged 14-18, this trail shines a light on local medical history and the key locations, people and medical innovations that have shaped the Whitechapel we know today. 

Download the Whitechapel Medical Marvels Trail here


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