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Research highways

Queen Mary University of London is a leading research-intensive University that embraces diversity of thought and opinion in everything we do. We believe that a diversity of ideas helps us achieve the previously unthinkable: when views collide, disciplines interact, and perspectives intersect, truly original thought takes form.

We are ranked seventh in the UK for the quality of research outputs (REF 2021). The impact of our pioneering research, innovation and partnerships is helping to tackle the world’s greatest challenges and to transform the lives of people across the globe. 

Our Research Highways are five broad interdisciplinary themes representing areas of research excellence and expertise. 

Sustainability, environment, energy

Climate change is impacting every aspect of society across the globe. There are so many questions that need answers, including: How do we persuade governments to negotiate for the global good? Can we create batteries from plants? How does car pollution affect babies in the womb?

Researchers across Queen Mary are collaborating to find answers to these questions and many more, to inform the world’s transition to a sustainable low-carbon and climate resilient future. Our research has been translated into government policy, improved healthcare, and revolutionary new technologies. 

Digital, information, data

Digital technologies are opening up new fields of study and generating research questions that break traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Spearheaded by our interdisciplinary Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI), researchers at Queen Mary are exploring and answering the questions that will shape the future of our society. 

Lifelong health and wellbeing

Wellbeing is about so much more than our physical health. That is why our research to advance lifelong health and wellbeing spans our three faculties: medicine and dentistry, science and engineering, and humanities and social sciences. Whether it is ground-breaking fundamental biosciences research on lifelong health using molecules, cells, organisms and ecosystems, or real-life impact through developing better regulations to prevent harm from online gambling, using film as an HIV public health tool in Sub-Saharan Africa and creating a pioneering new drug to treat breast cancer, our research is improving health and wellbeing locally and globally.

Performance, communication, creative industries

Our work on performance, communication and creative industries brings Queen Mary researchers together with partners from industry, our local community, and the cultural and heritage sectors in equitable knowledge exchange and co-creation. 

Whether it’s using arts-based research to perform the UN sustainable development goals in fragile territories or enhancing the sustainability and innovation capacity of creative-economy businesses, this research has an economic, environmental and social impact across the world. 

Accelerating innovation and invention

Queen Mary is ranked 4th in the UK for turning research into world-changing companies (Octopus Ventures 2020). And the Knowledge Exchange Framework (2021) placed Queen Mary in the top 10 per cent of all English universities for ‘research partnerships’ and ‘public and community engagement’, in the top 20 per cent for ‘IP and commercialisation’ and in the top 30 per cent for ‘working with business’ and the ‘working with the public and third sectors’. 

Our continued investment in the research and industrial ecosystem on and around our campuses, as well as our track record in working with industry, puts us in pole position to continue creating successful new companies that generate high-quality jobs and sustainable economic growth, across London, the UK and the world. 

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