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Sustainability, environment, energy

Informing the world’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon and climate resilient future.

How do we persuade governments to negotiate for the global good? Can we build batteries from plants? How does car pollution affect babies in the womb?

Researchers across Queen Mary are collaborating to find answers to these questions and many more, to inform the world’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon and climate resilient future.  

Sustainability, environment, energy research stories

Sustainable materials for climate change

Joe Briscoe is researching how to make solar power generation more efficient, moving from silicon solar cells to those made of perovskite.

The Environmental Impact of Plastic-based Pollutants

Microplastics are tiny plastics particles created when plastics degrade and escape into the environment, releasing toxic pollutants into our soil and water.

Labour Rights and Provisions in European Union Trade Policy

Professor Liam Campling’s project has shaped debate and policy regarding the European Union’s approach to Trade and Sustainable Development in its Free Trade Agreements.

Helping London’s children breathe more easily: how Queen Mary research influenced the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone

Professor Jonathan Grigg and Professor Chris Griffiths have played a pivotal role in making London’s air healthier for us all – and particularly for our children.

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