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The promise of AI: working across disciplines for the public good

Join our interdisciplinary expert panel to explore the opportunities and risks posed by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in research.

Our panel examined the importance of engaging diverse voices in the use of AI in topics from tackling health inequalities to supporting global activism.

We can never engage in science in a vacuum. Science is always not just a technical endeavour, but a socio-technical endeavour.

This webinar was hosted by David Leslie, Professor of Ethics, Technology, and Society at the Digital Environment Research Institute of the Queen Mary University of London.

Our panel included:

  • Dr Julia Ive, Lecturer in Natural Language Processing at School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dr Isadora Cruxen, Lecturer in Business and Society

With an introduction from Lord Clement-Jones CBE, Chair of Council at Queen Mary University of London.


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