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Digital, information, data

Shaping a healthier, more prosperous and equitable future for our digital society.

Technology is opening up new fields of study and generating research questions that break traditional disciplinary boundaries. Spearheaded by our interdisciplinary Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI), researchers at Queen Mary are exploring and answering the questions that will shape a healthier, more prosperous and equitable future for our digital society.

Digital, information, data research stories

Heart research, AI and digital twins

Caroline’s research uses cutting-edge technology to create a patient’s digital twin to tackle atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm that affects around 1.4 million UK people.

How do you store the most dangerous materials on Earth? Changing nuclear waste policies

The safe storage of nuclear waste is a major environmental challenge as spent fuel from fission reactors remains radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.

Preventing Online Gambling Harm Through Better Regulation

Professor Julia Hörnle and her team explored the risks of online gambling, including addiction, minors playing, indebtedness, fraud, money-laundering and manipulation of sports.

The 100,000 Genomes Project: holding the key to 21st-century healthcare?

This project has brought life-changing results, making the NHS the first national healthcare system in the world to offer whole genome sequencing in routine care.

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