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Students in the lecture theatre


As one of the UK’s largest linguistics schools, our programmes’ diversity and breadth give you the flexibility to study the topics that really excite you.

Language is central to all aspects of human life: communicating with one another, thinking and reasoning, creating social relations, and passing on ideas and discoveries to future generations.

Linguistics is the study of this unique human ability. Linguists study the nature of language (its structure, and its connection to thought) as well as how it is used (across individuals, situations, and time). As a Linguistics student, you might find yourself studying a little-known language such as Fijian with a native speaker, collecting data on changing London English on the streets of the East End, or designing an experiment to measure phonological perception in bilingual children.

Our students gain a number of transferrable skills, making them highly employable and sought after by employers with our graduates going into careers in a wide range of sectors.

Ever since stepping foot into Queen Mary I have been involved with many new opportunities like being course representative, student ambassador, Unibuddy ambassador, book club writer and satire editor for student media, clearing hotline operator, mentor for the buddy scheme and volunteering officer. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my experience which allows my passion for writing to flourish.
— Zoe Malik, English Language and Linguistics BA (second year)
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