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Queen Mary's Dr Yuanwei Liu made IEEE Fellow for contributions to wireless communication technologies.

This honor recognises Dr Liu's significant contributions to the fields of non-orthogonal multiple access technologies and wireless power transfer.

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Dr Liu, Senior Lecturer at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, focuses on cutting-edge advancements in next-generation mobile networks, tackling crucial challenges in areas like multiple access, channel optimisation, and intelligent surface utilisation. His STAR (Simultaneously Transmitting and Reflecting Surfaces) lab pushes the boundaries of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) towards next-generation multiple access (NGMA), aiming to efficiently manage a multitude of devices and services within limited resources. Additionally, Dr Liu's work on STARS technology promises revolutionary full-space coverage using intelligent surfaces, paving the way for seamless and sustainable B5G/6G communication. 

Commenting on his fellowship, Dr Liu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his colleagues and collaborators, stating, "The supportive and collaborative research environment at STAR lab has been instrumental in shaping our research ambitions and tackling challenging problems. I owe my achievements to the unwavering support of my team, colleagues, and Queen Mary throughout my journey. We remain committed to pursuing impactful research in the B5G/6G realm, aiming to shape the future of wireless communication." 

Dr Liu joins a select group of esteemed researchers recognised for their exceptional contributions to advancing technology and engineering. His fellowship is a testament to Queen Mary's commitment to fostering excellence in research and innovation, particularly in the field of next-generation communication technologies. 

The full list of the 2024 IEEE Fellow class can be found at: 

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