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News story: Queen Mary reuniting Stepney Words poets for 50th anniversary event
15 October 2021

Queen Mary University of London professor Nadia Valman and BBC journalist Alan Dein are reuniting Chris Searle – the teacher at the centre of the extraordinary Stepney Words story and subsequent protests across London – with some of the original Stepney Poets. The reunion will mark the significance and legacy of Stepney Words and recognise the continuing radical potential of poetry in east London, as part of the Being Human festival.

General practitioner reassuring a patient. Credit: News story: Queen Mary study wins ‘Research Paper of the Year’ award
14 October 2021

A study led by Queen Mary University of London has today been announced as the overall winner of the Royal College of General Practitioners Research Paper of the Year award.

Blog: What has happened to western Europe’s centre right?
14 October 2021

Professor Tim Bale from the School of Politics and International Relations has co-written an article for The Conversation analysing western Europe's centre right, looking at recent election results and trends in Germany and other nations.

Queen Mary student learning clinical skills News story: Queen Mary partners with Health Education England to launch new medical degree pilot
12 October 2021

Prospective medical students in England will soon be able to choose to study flexibly thanks to a new pilot scheme launched by Health Education England and delivered by Queen Mary University of London.

Engineer The Story team at recent workshop News story: Queen Mary launch storytelling workshops to inspire engineering students
12 October 2021

Students from Queen Mary University of London’s School of Engineering and Materials Science have been coached by world-class storytellers and creatives as part of an exciting new project.

Queen Mary student in a laboratory News story: Queen Mary partner with industry to train next generation of ‘AI-native’ biological scientists
12 October 2021

Queen Mary University of London are partnering with Exscientia, Merck and Heptares Therapeutics to deliver a new doctoral training programme that will train researchers to apply cutting-edge AI expertise to the discovery and development of new drugs.

News story: Queen Mary researchers launch new project to support rewilding
8 October 2021

Queen Mary University of London researchers have partnered with pioneering lowland rewilding site Knepp Wildland on a project that will help rewilding efforts up and down the country.

News story: Queen Mary academic and author shortlisted for prestigious Goldsmiths Prize
8 October 2021

Dr Isabel Waidner, author and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing/Performance at Queen Mary University of London, has received the recognition for their novel Sterling Karat Gold.

Modeling contagions and superspreading events through higher-order networks. News story: Mathematical model offers new insights into spread of epidemics
7 October 2021

Mathematical models have been widely used to guide government decisions on the Covid-19 pandemic, from forecasting outcomes to even testing potential interventions.

Traffic light labelling on food packets. Credit: News story: New study supports call for mandatory front-of-pack labelling to improve diets
6 October 2021

A new systematic review and meta-analysis led by researchers from Action on Salt and Sugar based at Queen Mary University of London supports the call for mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labels in directing consumers towards healthier options.

News story: Queen Mary’s stop smoking service expands to Waltham Forest
4 October 2021

Experts from Queen Mary University of London have launched a stop smoking service to deliver advice and support for people in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

The signing ceremonies at Queen Mary (top) and HUST (below)Queen Mary cements partnership with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology
1 October 2021

Queen Mary University of London has signed a partnership agreement with the Wuhan-based Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in a move that will create opportunities for collaboration and open doors to students, researchers and staff.

Blog: Keir Starmer’s first conference speech as Labour leader was a serious affair – here’s what you need to know
30 September 2021

Dr Karl Pike, Lecturer in British Politics/Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London has written for the Conversation on Keir Starmer's speech at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

Gothic castle News story: Queen Mary researcher translates Marquis de Sade novel into English for the first time
30 September 2021

Dr Will McMorran, a world-leading expert on the Marquis de Sade at Queen Mary University of London has translated the infamous author’s The Marquise de Gange into English for the very first time for Oxford World’s Classics.

Credit: Anthony Hutchings News story: Two new species of large predatory dinosaur discovered on Isle of Wight
28 September 2021

A new study, involving Queen Mary University of London, suggests that bones found on the Isle of Wight belong to two new species of spinosaurid, a group of predatory theropod dinosaurs closely related to the African giant Spinosaurus.

Image of child being measured. Credit: News story: Young children from England’s poorest areas are shorter, according to new Queen Mary study
28 September 2021

Primary school children from England’s most deprived areas are nearly twice as likely to be short than those in the least deprived areas, according to new research led by Queen Mary University of London.

Blog: Labour conference: members aren’t quite tearing chunks out of each other but a distinct air of unease remains
28 September 2021

Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary's School of Politics and International Relations has written for the Conversation on this year's Labour's Party Conference.

News story: Queen Mary researcher develops new abortion support resource
28 September 2021

Queen Mary University of London researcher Dr Sydney Calkin has developed a new online resource so that people across Europe can safely access abortion services when they are unable to in their own country. It was developed in collaboration with the Abortion Support Network. Countries include Poland, Ireland and Malta – in response to particularly high levels of need in some locations.

News story: Queen Mary researchers help develop nasal spray that prevents Covid-19
27 September 2021

Queen Mary University of London professors Rakesh Uppal and Áine McKnight have been at the centre of a new clinical trial finding that pHOXWELL – a nasal spray developed by biotech company pHOXBIO - reduced SARS-CoV-2 infection by 63 per cent in the group given pHOXWELL compared to the group given the placebo. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19.

Nurse taking patient's blood pressure. Credit: News story: Queen Mary awarded funding for new Primary Care Research Fellowships
25 September 2021

Queen Mary has received funding for three fellowships in primary care as part of our membership in the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) School for Primary Care Research (SPCR).

News story: Queen Mary student nominated for two AHRC research awards
24 September 2021

Queen Mary University of London PhD candidate Alex Widdowson in the Department of Film Studies has been nominated for both the Best Doctoral or Early Career Film of the Year and Best Animated Film of the Year awards by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

News story: Launch event held for Queen Mary professor’s book on Irish political prisoners
22 September 2021

Professor Seán McConville of Queen Mary University of London appeared alongside Minister James Browne - Minister of State at the Department of Justice – and Professor Eunan O’Halpin of Trinity College Dublin at a launch event in Dublin yesterday evening for Professor McConville’s book Irish Political Prisoners 1960-2000: Braiding Rage and Sorrow.

News story: New report urges reforms to give families better access to the digital assets of deceased loved ones
21 September 2021

Families need better support from social media companies and the government when it comes to accessing the digital assets of ill or deceased loved ones, according to the Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London and STEP.

News story: Queen Mary a winner at Pearson’s inaugural HE Innovate Awards
20 September 2021

Queen Mary University of London has won the award for ‘Most innovative hybrid or blended learning project’ at the first ever HE Innovate Awards.

News story: Queen Mary’s People’s Palace Projects research sheds light on violence and mental health in Brazilian favelas
17 September 2021

Favela residents with more personal experience and fear of violence have higher levels of mental distress and poorer quality of life, according to the main finding of the international research Building the Barricades.

News story: Queen Mary opens new building designed for modern working
17 September 2021

Queen Mary University of London has opened its doors to Dept W – its new building for professional services staff fully designed specifically for agile working.  

Dr Chris Chen News story: Queen Mary researcher awarded medal for outstanding contributions to space science
15 September 2021

Dr Chris Chen from Queen Mary University of London has won American Geophysical Union’s James B. Macelwane Medal for his significant contributions to the geophysical sciences as an early career scientist.

Professor Chloe Orkin News story: Queen Mary Professor appointed as President of UK’s leading organisation for women doctors
14 September 2021

Professor Chloe Orkin from Queen Mary University of London has been appointed as President of the Medical Women’s Federation.

Blog: I’ve been talking to Afghans stuck on the Bosnian border – their predicament is horrifying
14 September 2021

Benedetta Zocchi, Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at Queen Mary University of London has written for The Conversation recounting the harrowing testimonials from Afghans on the Bosnian border.

Blog: Work as we knew it has changed. Time to think beyond the wage
13 September 2021

Dr William Monteith, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London has written for The Conversation on the concept of work and the need to reimagine it based on the experiences of the global majority.