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Dr Eva Crosas-MolistSkin cancer rewires its energy systems to spread more efficiently
8 June 2023

Melanoma skin cancer cells radically rewire their internal power systems to drive their spread to other parts of the body, a new study shows 

Blog: Does the British Electorate Mind Politicians Doing God?
7 June 2023

Philip Cowley and Alan Wager from the School of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, has written for 'Theos' where they unpack Theos’ data on the public’s views of certain religious beliefs being held by people in office.

New book unearths the untold stories of the African contribution to the UK HIV response
7 June 2023

The lived experiences of Black African women living with HIV have for the first time been brought together in a new book.     

“Gene-ius fish: diving into human mental health with zebrafish” at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition
7 June 2023

Studies in zebrafish which could give insight into the neurobiology underlying mental health disorders and addiction in humans are going on show at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition from July 4th – 9th, 8am-6pm.

National Physical Laboratory / Local Site OperatorScientists discover air quality monitoring stations are collecting urgently needed biodiversity data
5 June 2023

An international team of researchers has discovered that thousands of ambient air quality monitoring stations around the world are unwittingly recording more than just atmospheric pollutants and dust: they are also likely collecting biodiversity data in the form of environmental DNA (eDNA). 

Social media userSocial media posts can be used to track individuals’ income and economic inequalities
5 June 2023

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London analysed 2.6 million posts on popular social media network Nextdoor and accurately predicted individuals’ income by solely examining the posts they’ve published.

Blog: Is it time to rethink social mobility discourse and the meaning of ‘success’?
5 June 2023

We must remember that while social mobility is a valuable goal, it’s not one with which all students are willing or able to conform, say Louise Ashley and William Monteith in 'The Times Education'.

Young people with nerve damage from nitrous oxide use are most likely to be Asian men 
31 May 2023

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London speculate that social factors and genetic susceptibility may contribute to the predominance

Blog: How losing the next election could shape the Conservatives
31 May 2023

Annihilation in the red wall, an exit for a top leadership contender and a parliamentary party stuffed with southerners and OxbridgersTim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, has written for The Conversation on how losing the next election could shape the Conservatives


Professor Janet De Wilde joins expert panel on transnational education
31 May 2023

Professor Janet De Wilde, Director of the Queen Mary Academy, has been appointed chair of a new European University Association (EUA) transnational education thematic peer group. 

New book by Dr Jonathan Kennedy is BBC Radio 4’s Book Of The Week
30 May 2023

Pathogenesis: How Germs Made History, a new book that explores the role of germs in shaping humanity, will be serialised and broadcast each weekday morning on BBC Radio 4 at 9.45am from today (Monday 29th May).

Spiral Dance of Black HolesFrom small to large: a study of gravitational waves using scattering amplitudes of subatomic particles
26 May 2023

Queen Mary Professor Gabriele Travaglini was recently awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship and has written the following article for the Leverhulme Trust Newsletter.


Inaugural Research and Innovation awards recognise world-class research at Queen Mary
26 May 2023

Queen Mary’s Research and Innovation Awards recognise the excellent people and teams that make creative, dynamic and world-class research and innovation possible at Queen Mary.

Blog: Opening up medical education means being more open-minded ourselves
25 May 2023

Professor Arunthathi Mahendran, Director for the Institute of Health Sciences Education

Another month, another crisis in the NHS. Faced with acute staffing shortages, the UK government recently announced plans for apprentice doctors, creating a pathway into medicine that doesn’t involve going to university. 

Queen Mary joins Leading Health Organisations' Call for the Health Secretary to Release Commercial Baby Food & Drink Guidelines
24 May 2023

Action on Sugar, the expert group based at Queen Mary University of London, along with 16 NGOs are calling for the Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, to release the much-awaited Commercial Baby Food and Drink Guidelines, as data shows the main contributor of sugars in infants, aged four to nine months, is coming from shop brought baby foods – in particular fruit-based and cereal-based foods.

Queen Mary academic’s new book reveals practical strategies for empowering learners in the classroom
23 May 2023

A newly published book by Mark Heffernan, Teaching Fellow at Queen Mary University of London, reveals insightful practical steps and activities that will take teachers on the journey from covert to overt teaching.

IFM cellsNew research identifies which cells in horses’ tendons are affected by ageing, leading to injury
23 May 2023

A group of researchers including Queen Mary Professor Hazel Screen have been exploring what causes tendon damage in horses and have discovered that a particular region of the tendon called the interfascicular matrix (IFM) seems to be the source of ageing changes. As horse and human tendons are similar, these significant findings can now help us understand the cell populations that drive tendon injury in humans to identify and test new treatments.

Blog: People say Starmer needs a vision. But rigid visions come back to bite you
22 May 2023

Colm Murphy, Lecturer in British Politics in the School of Politics and International Relations has written for ‘Labour List’ on the the relationship between political ideas and power.

Queen Mary University of London and QinetiQ secure funding for future innovations in wireless technology
22 May 2023

A joint research proposal by Queen Mary University of London and QinetiQ for the future development of electromagnetic materials has been awarded £2.6 million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Queen Mary announce Professors Mark Bradley and Maik Pietzner to join the Precision Health University Research Institute
19 May 2023

The arrival of Professor Maik Pietzner as the new Chair for Health Data Modelling, shows that Queen Mary’s new Precision Healthcare University Research Institute (PHURI) continues to attract top academic talent from around the world. 

Global review of methane policies - lr Blog: Methane must fall to slow global heating – but only 13% of emissions are actually regulated
19 May 2023

Dr Paul Balcombe and Maria Olczak from Queen Mary University of London have co-written for The Conversation on new research they have conducted into methane emissions and global regulations.

Global review of methane policies - lrScientists urge crackdown on methane emissions with only 13% regulated
19 May 2023

New research from Queen Mary University of London shows that only around 13% of global methane emissions are regulated, despite methane emissions causing at least 25% of current global warming.

Blog: Teaching excellence and solving global challenges in higher education
19 May 2023

By Stephanie Marshall, Vice Principal (Education), Queen Mary University of London


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a host of new challenges for universities. But what is interesting, or perhaps frustrating for those within higher education, is that some long-standing, pre-existing hurdles remain.

Study finds Huge and Unnecessary Amounts of Salt found in the Majority of Pizzas.
17 May 2023

Restaurants and takeaway companies are drowning our food in salt and failing to meet the voluntary salt reduction targets as new research by Action on Salt, the expert research group based at Queen Mary University of London, reveals half of all pizzas sold in the UK provide a days’ worth (or more) of salt per pizza.

Festival of Communities returns after record-breaking year
17 May 2023

The annual Festival of Communities provides two action-packed days of fun for people of all ages, showcasing exciting research and offering lots of entertainment in a celebration of East London.

Striking a balance: Researchers urge Ukraine Government to weigh long-term implications of secret patents post-war
17 May 2023

Newly published research paper ‘The War in Ukraine Raises Questions About Patents for Secret Inventions’ calls for the Ukraine Government to consider the long-term implications of keeping patented inventions secret once the conflict ends.

Ovarian cancer's protective barrier: how the tumour matrix teaches cells to disarm immune attack
16 May 2023

A structure surrounding ovarian cancer trains cells called macrophages to protect the tumour from immune attack, according to new research led by Queen Mary University of London. 
The work uncovers tactics that the tumour uses to disarm the immune system and points towards potential therapeutic strategies to overcome the cancer’s defences and treat patients more effectively.

Ethnic minority patients yearn for warmth from health care professionals, research finds
11 May 2023

Developing better connections between ethnic minority patients and health care professionals could drive more positive health care experience for ethnic minority patients, researchers have found.

Queen Mary receives commendation for widening access award
11 May 2023

Queen Mary University of London’s QMentoring programme received a commendation for the Widening Access Initiative (Retention and Progression) Award at the 2023 NEON Awards.

Secretary of State for Education visits Queen Mary University of London
10 May 2023

Gillian Keegan MP, the Secretary of State for Education, met with students and senior leadership from Queen Mary to discuss the importance of educational and vocational opportunities for students and Queen Mary’s work in this area.

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