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News story: Propaganda is a bigger danger now than in the Second World War, according to new book
5 December 2019

A new book co-edited by an academic from Queen Mary University of London tells a radical new story about propaganda, fake news and information warfare and their toxic impact on the communications revolution of the past twenty years.

The Queen Mary delegation outside the office of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FioCruz)Queen Mary and Brazilian partners agree seed funding to speed up international collaboration with Brazil Accelerator Fund
5 December 2019

Queen Mary University of London has joined with Latin America’s leading think tank and one of the world’s most significant public health research institutions to pledge £120,000 in seed funding for the development of research collaborations to address some of the world’s most significant challenges following joint workshops in Brazil.

Image of Parker Solar Probe. Credit: APL/NASA GSFC News story: Closest-ever approach to the Sun reveals dynamic origins of solar wind
5 December 2019

Queen Mary researchers were part of an international team interpreting ground-breaking results from the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft, which has flown closer to the Sun than ever before.

News story: Exploring extreme movements in stock market option prices
4 December 2019

A new study co-authored by researchers at Queen Mary University of London has found that extreme movements in option prices are not associated with the content of news announcements per se.

Woman presenting at a conference News story: Women from ethnic minorities least likely to be offered speaking opportunities at scientific conferences, according to new study
4 December 2019

A new study from Queen Mary University of London has found that scientists from racial and ethnic minority populations, already underrepresented in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), are likely to have relatively fewer speaking opportunities at scientific conferences.

News story: Labour’s lead in the capital increases according to latest Mile End Institute poll
3 December 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has begun a fightback in the crucial London election battleground but is still lagging behind Labour’s 2017 performance, an exclusive YouGov poll commissioned by Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute reveals today.

The Heads of Schools and Professor Alonso during the visitVisit by Queen Mary Heads of Schools strengthens ties with institutions and female academics in Mexico
29 November 2019

Professors Boris Khoruzhenko, Head of the School for Mathematical Sciences, and Richard Pickersgill, Head of School for Biological and Chemical Sciences, have visited Mexico with Professor Teresa Alonso, Queen Mary’s Dean for International in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, to support and strengthen a number of Queen Mary University of London initiatives in the country.

An HIV cell News story: Institute of Population Health Sciences leader calls for next step in transforming HIV care
29 November 2019

Jane Anderson, an honorary professor at Queen Mary’s Institute of Population Health Sciences, addressed members of the European Parliament and other policymakers as part of a major HIV initiative this week.

Looking at a map of Germany News story: The Jewish people who chose Germany as a place to live
28 November 2019

A book authored by an academic at Queen Mary University of London provides a unique insight into the lives of a lesser-known Jewish population, Jews who decided to move to Germany in the 1990s.

Dr Rapoport News story: Queen Mary Islamic historian wins top book prize at Middle East Medievalist Society awards
27 November 2019

Professor Yossef Rapoport from Queen Mary’s School of History, has been awarded the 2019 Middle East Medievalist Society Book Prize for his book, Rural Economy and Tribal Society in Islamic Egypt: A Study of al-Nābulusī’s Villages of the Fayyum (Brepols, 2018).

Colleagues having a discussion Blog: British people still think some accents are smarter than others – what that means in the workplace
26 November 2019

Professor Devyani Sharma, Professor of Sociolinguistics with the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about accent perceptions.

People entering a polling station Blog: Five reasons to vote in this election
26 November 2019

Dr Rainbow Murray, Professor of Politics with the School of Politics and International Relations has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about why people should vote this election.

Maria Ahmad and fellow contestants News story: Queen Mary medical student takes on the world – and comes up trumps
26 November 2019

Queen Mary Barts and the London medical student Maria Ahmad and her three teammates from around the world have won the Elsevier ClinicalKey Global Challenge.

News story: UK and China research team take first steps towards a vaccine for pancreatic cancer
25 November 2019

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Zhengzhou University have developed a personalised vaccine system that could ultimately delay the onset of pancreatic cancer.

Chromosol logo News story: Queen Mary spinout receives further funding to develop new optical communications technology
25 November 2019

Chromosol, a spinout company from Queen Mary University of London, has received £500,000 seed investment to commercialise a new technology in the emerging field of silicon photonics.


A photograph of a construction site News story: Arbitration seen as the best process for resolving international construction disputes
22 November 2019

Disputes arising in international construction projects are best resolved through arbitration however, there is real scope for improved efficiency at all stages of the process, according to a report published by Queen Mary University of London in partnership with international law firm Pinsent Masons.

News story: Queen Mary student's life-saving invention takes flight with London's Air Ambulance
22 November 2019

A Queen Mary design student has designed a new medical kit during his studies, to be deployed across the city by life-saving medical charity London’s Air Ambulance.

News story: Queen Mary historian becomes President of the Jewish Historical Society of England
22 November 2019

Miri Rubin, Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History at Queen Mary University of London has been elected as President of the Jewish Historical Society of England (JHSE) from January 2020.

News story: The emerging political economy of the British left
21 November 2019

Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party promising to break with a ‘neoliberal consensus’ that, his supporters argue, has dominated Britain for the past forty years. This topic was the source of debate at the latest Mile End Institute event which included key figures in the development of the new economic thinking pursued by the Labour leadership.

Professor Anthony Warrens and Dr Joseph Muscat News story: Prime Minister cuts ribbon on Queen Mary University of London Malta Campus
21 November 2019

The Prime Minister of Malta, the Honourable Dr Joseph Muscat, officially opened the Queen Mary University of London Malta campus today.

Picture of contraceptive pills Blog: The Pope and the Pill: how Catholic women got creative with the Church’s teaching on sex
19 November 2019

Dr David Geiringer, Associate Lecturer with the School of Geography has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about his latest book 'The Pope and the Pill'.

Political party badges Blog: Nigel Farage will fight Labour seats after pact with Boris Johnson fails – so what’s he up to?
19 November 2019

Professor Tim Bale, Professor of Politics with the School of Politics and International Relations has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about Nigel Farage's election startegy.

Ollie Gardiner and family News story: Queen Mary University of London to help find a cure for brain tumours following funding from grieving family
19 November 2019

A grieving family are marking the second anniversary of the death of their son to a brain tumour by donating a six-figure sum to Queen Mary University of London to help find a cure for the disease. 

A solar storm hitting Earth’s magnetosphere and affecting waves in the foreshock. Credit Martin Archer and NASA. News story: Earth’s magnetic song recorded for the first time during a solar storm
18 November 2019

Data from the European Space Agency’s Cluster mission has provided a recording of the eerie ‘song’ that Earth sings when it is hit by a solar storm.

Fraxinus excelsior, common ash at Kew Gardens. Credit Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. News story: Scientists uncover resistance genes for deadly ash tree disease
18 November 2019

New research has identified the genetic basis of resistance to ash dieback in UK trees, opening up new avenues for conservation.

Economics of development News story: Using economics for the greater good
14 November 2019

Economists can, and should, do more to support developing countries according to Dr Rachel Glennerster, Chief Economist at the Department for International Development.

Melissa Tatton News story: Chief Executive at Valuation Office Agency to join Queen Mary Council
13 November 2019

Melissa Tatton CBE, Chief Executive of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), has been appointed as a Council member at Queen Mary University of London.

Queens' Building News story: Queen Mary fourth in the UK for commercialising its research
13 November 2019

Queen Mary University of London ranks fourth in the UK for converting its research into successful companies, according to a new report.

Mile End Institute News story: Exploring the politics of data
12 November 2019

The exponential accumulation of data from everyday online and offline activities has raised tensions about who has the rights to produce and own such data. These issues were explored at the latest event held at the Mile End Institute.

Bolivia Blog: Bolivia in crisis: how Evo Morales was forced out
12 November 2019

Mr Angus McNelly, Lecturer in Latin American Politics and International Development with the School of Politics and International Relations has written an opinion piece for The Conversation about the Eva Morales crisis.