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Blog: A Q&A with Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia: “I discovered that steel is complicated.”
30 January 2023

Professor Sir Harry Bhadeshia will deliver his inaugural lecture at Queen Mary Presents on 8 February 2023.


The worm for which the researchers sequenced the genomeScientists discover the evolutionary secret behind different animal life cycles
26 January 2023

Researchers show a link between the time of activation of dozens of genes in the embryo and how the life cycles of animals evolved.

We Vote for Peace, T.Babaeva, 1987Queen Mary academic explores rich history of Soviet art
24 January 2023

Dr Andy Willimott’s new book, ‘Openness and Idealism: Soviet Posters 1985-1991’, looks back at the colourful and radical posters of Glasnost.

Queen Mary research reveals effects of Ukraine war on energy disputes
24 January 2023

The volatile price of raw materials and energy supply are predicted to be primary causes of disputes in the energy sector globally over the next five years, according to a major new study from Queen Mary University of London's School of Law.

Graduation success for Queen Mary students
24 January 2023

Some 3,000 students attended January graduations at Queen Mary University of London recently. There were six days of ceremonies, with approximately 6,000 guests accompanying the delighted graduates at these celebratory events.

New research on bees shows current safety tests of insecticides are inadequate
18 January 2023

Queen Mary researchers have revealed unexpected variation in bee neural receptors, challenging current safety assessments of insecticides, which work by targeting these receptors.


Nurse taking patient's blood pressure. Credit: iStock.comTen-minute scan enables detection and cure of the commonest cause of high blood pressure
16 January 2023

Doctors at Queen Mary University of London and Barts Hospital, and Cambridge University Hospital, have led research using a new type of CT scan to light up tiny nodules in a hormone gland and cure high blood pressure by their removal. The nodules are discovered in one-in-twenty people with high blood pressure.

Queen Mary alumni recognised in King’s New Year Honours
12 January 2023

Queen Mary University of London is proud to congratulate its alumni who were recently recognised in the New Year Honours List 2023, the first of the reign of King Charles III.

Blog: Why is interdisciplinary research so often the exception, not the rule?
11 January 2023

When the size of the prize is so great, why is interdisciplinary research so often the exception, not the rule?

New exhibition celebrates ‘twin towns’ building bonds across borders
9 January 2023

Research and artwork on display in London next month explores how ‘twin town’ partnerships can create lasting cultural connections in a divided world.

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