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School of Law

Dr Eva Nanopoulos


Senior Lecturer in Law

Room Number: Mile End


Eva Nanopoulos joined Queen Mary in September 2016 as a Lecturer in Law. She previously held positions at King’s College, Cambridge and Sidney Sussex, Cambridge. She was also an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. She has taught a variety of courses, including Public Law, Administrative Law, EU Law, select aspects of Jurisprudence and Public International Law and is currently convening and teaching the International Human Rights Law modules at both undergraduate and graduate levels. From 2021, she will be co-teaching and co-convening a new module on Law and Legacies of Empire.

Her research interests span across EU law, international law, human rights and critical legal theory. Her more recent work looked at the individualisation of economic sanctions and the systemic causes of the Euro-crisis and the wider European project. She continues to build on her work in these areas. She is interested in the changing character of warfare and enmity and how these link to deeper structural transformations of the international order following decolonisation. She has also started a new project on how the law frames and understands the problem of the far-right. More generally, she is interested in understanding the historical development, specificity and dynamics of capitalism and capitalist imperialism, as well as the role of law in these processes. Eva is also co-director of the Central of Law and Society in a Global Context, where she leads the ‘capital and power’ stream, and part of the editorial collective @form_legal.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • LAW6034 International Human Rights Law
  • LAW6021 Jurisprudence

Postgraduate Teaching




  • (eds) Capitalist States and Marxist State Theory (Palgrave, forthcoming) (with R Hunter and R Khachaturian)
  • The Juridification of Individual Sanctions & the Politics of EU Law (Hart Publishing, 2020) 
  • (eds) The Crisis Behind the Euro-Crisis: The Euro-Crisis as a Multi-Dimensional Systemic Crisis of the EU (Cambridge University Press, 2019) (with F Vergis)


  • ‘The Material Constitution and Imperialism’ in M Goldoni and M Wilkinson (eds) Cambridge Handbook on the Material Constitution (CUP, forthcoming)
  • ‘To Embrace or To Reject: Marxism and the War Against COVID-19’ in R Hunter, R Khachaturian and E Nanopoulos a (eds) Capitalist States and Marxist State Theory (Palgrave, forthcoming)
  • ‘From Class Project to Imperial Formation: The Role of EU Law in the Reconstitution of Europe’ in P O’Connell and U Ozsu (eds) Handbook on Marxism and Law (Edward Elgar, 2020, forthcoming)
  • ‘The European Union’ in R Seib and N Melzer (eds) Oxford Handbook of International Security Law (OUP, 2020, forthcoming)
  • ‘Secret Evidence in Non-Criminal Proceedings” (Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 2020, forthcoming)
  • ‘The Inherently Undemocratic EU Democracy: Moving Beyond the ‘Democratic Deficit’ Debate’ in The Crisis Behind the Euro-Crisis: The Euro-Crisis as a Multi-Dimension Systemic Crisis of the EU (CUP, 2019)
  • ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’ in The Crisis Behind the Euro-Crisis: The Euro-Crisis as a Multi-Dimension Systemic Crisis of the EU (CUP, 2019)
  • ‘Extraordinary Rendition, Secrecy and the UK Security Constitution’ in E Guild, M Gibney and D Bigo (eds) Extraordinary Rendition: Addressing the Challenges of Accountability (New York, Routledge 2018)
  • ‘The Effectiveness of EU law: Insights from the EU Framework on Asset Confiscation’, (2016) 24 European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice 39 (with M Fazekas)
  • ‘Public Interest Considerations and Strategic Litigation: the Case of Plain Packaging in Europe’, (2016) 19 Journal of International Economic Law 1 (with R Yotova)
  • ‘European Human Rights Law and the Normalisation of the Closed Material Procedure: Limit or Source?’ (2015) 78 Modern Law Review 913
  • ‘“2014”: The Return of Big Brother’ (2014) King’s Review
  • ‘Judicial Review of EU Measures Implementing Security Council Resolutions and the Relevance of the Principle of Loyal Cooperation’ (2013) 15 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 669
  • ‘The Implementation of Charter Obligations in the EU Revisited’ (2013) 1 Hungarian Yearbook of European and International law 19
  • ‘The Fight against Terrorism, Fundamental Rights and the EU Courts: The Unsolved Conundrum’ (2012) 14 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 269.

Commentaries and reviews

  • ‘J Whyte, The Moral of the Markets: Human Rights and the Rise of Neoliberalism (Verso, 2019)’ State Crime, forthcoming
  • ‘N Scott, The National Security Constitution (Hart, 2018)’ (2020) Public Law, forthcoming
  • ‘H Barbazon (eds), Neoliberal Legality: Understanding the Role of Law in the Neoliberal Project (Routledge, 2017)’ (2020) Feminist Legal Studies, forthcoming
  • K Bradley, N Travers and A Whelan, Of Courts and Constitutions (Hart, 2014) (2015) 74 Cambridge Law Journal 364
  • ‘Killing Two Birds with One Stone? The CJEU’s Opinion on the EU’s Accession to the ECHR’ (2015) 74 Cambridge Law Journal 184
  • ‘Trust Issues and the European Common Asylum System: Finding the Right Balance’ (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 276
  • ‘Insuring the Charter, Who Bears the Cost?’ (2011) 70 Cambridge Law Journal 506
  • ‘It is Time, Charter, Rise and Shine’ (2011) 70 Cambridge Law Journal 306
  • ‘The New UK Supreme Court, the Separation of Powers and Anti-terrorism Measures’, (with A Johnston) (2010) 69 Cambridge Law Journal 217.
  • M Cremona and B De Witte (eds), EU Foreign Relations Law: Constitutional Fundamentals (Hart Publishing, 2009) (2009) Cambridge Student Law Review 201.

Public Engagement


  • ‘Evaluation of the European Enforcement Order’ (with J Forsaith and B Irving) (RAND Europe, 2013)
  • ‘Impact Assessment on a Proposal for a New Legal Framework on the Confiscation and Recovery of Criminal Assets’ (with J Forsaith, B Irving and M Fazekas) (RAND Europe, Oct 2012).


  • Documentary, ‘Solidarity’ (premiere, Sheffield Doc Festival, 8 June 2018) (The documentary is about the blacklisting of trade unionists)
  • ‘Is Fascism Making a Come Back?’ State of Nature (5 December 2017)
  • ‘A Corbyn-led government should start by scrapping the Prevent Strategy’ Open Democracy (26 June 2017)
  • ‘Will Human Rights Law Actually Protect Us from Fascism’ Open Democracy (14 March 2017)
  • Interview on Counter-Terrorism, Cambridge TV (March 2016)
  • The Greek Elections: from ‘New Democracy’ to ‘Neo-Democracy’’? New Left Project (January 2015)
  • Interview for BBC World Service, Persian TV on the UK and EU sanctions against Iran, (April 2013).


  • ‘TTIP, Greece and the World’, Global Justice (March 2016)
  • ‘The Greek Debt’, Global Capitalism and its Critics Seminar Series, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge (May 2015)
  • ‘Everything about TTIP’, People’s Assembly (October 2015)
  • ‘The New European Left’, Cambridge University European Union Society (Feburary 2015).

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