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School of Law

Department of Law Staff Seminars: Pacing scholarly lives at the Law School Café

Please see the nearly complete schedule for this term below. We have adjusted the timings so that colleagues are able to attend CCLS and DoL seminars when these occur on the same day. The CCLS seminars are held from 12.00pm to 12.45pm on Wednesdays, details available on our QMplus site and from the convenor Garry Gabison via e-mail reminders. The Department of Law seminars will now normally start from 12.45pm.

We look forward to seeing you at our Café and hope that these meetings will help sustain us as scholars through this difficult winter. We will no doubt again pick up on earlier exchanges, as we make time for thinking holistically, theoretically, methodologically and substantively about researchers and research activities.

Term 2

Workshopping a large research grant proposal: hans lindahl’s geoconstitutionalism project - 26 January 2022

Chair: Lizzie Barmes

Speaker: Hans Lindahl


Research-led everyday practice in the law school: climate action working group - Postponed


Contributors: Rebecca Bates (chair) and other members of the working group

Living (surviving? thriving?) with the 3*/4* conundrum - Postponed

Chair: Lizzie Barmes

Contributors tbc.

Focus on interdisciplinarity: how do legal scholars do arts-related research? - 16 March 2022


Reviewing teaching in a research-led school - 23 March 2022


What went well and what can be improved for next year? E.g. Review of student engagement on research.  Considering different approaches to addressing sexist or racist behaviour in class – an issue which came up this year.


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