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School of Law

Department of Law Staff Seminars 2020-21: Pacing scholarly lives at the Law School Café

  • Convenor: Kate Malleson
  • (Normally) Wednesdays 12.45-2pm on Zoom

Please see the nearly complete schedule for this term below. We have adjusted the timings so that colleagues are able to attend CCLS and DoL seminars when these occur on the same day. The CCLS seminars are held from 12.00pm to 12.45pm on Wednesdays, details available on our QMplus site and from the convenor Garry Gabison via e-mail reminders. The Department of Law seminars will now normally start from 12.45pm.

We look forward to seeing you at our Café and hope that these meetings will help sustain us as scholars through this difficult winter. We will no doubt again pick up on earlier exchanges, as we make time for thinking holistically, theoretically, methodologically and substantively about researchers and research activities.

Term 1

Check-in and review of summer period for research - 22 September

This session will be a chance to share our experiences of re-engaging with our research over the summer. What more could be done in the future to promote and support productive research at this time of year? We will also reporting back on the new student researcher bursaries which were offered over the summer.

Research funding – the need for a Plan B - 29 September

Given the very low success rate of many funding applications, we need to find ways to capitalise on the time and effort that goes in to a funding bid. How can the project be reimagined for another funder? Or scaled down to focus on one aspect of the project? Or stretched over a longer time period? Colleagues who have successfully reimagined a research project will share their ideas.

Sharing and celebrating our impactful work - 6 October

The session will intentionally shift the focus from REF related issues around research impact to share more exploratory, emergent and imaginative experiences around the influence of our work outside academia, including where it doesn’t have the impact hoped for or where impact is unexpected (positive or negative).

Carrying out research with prisoners and other subjects of state control - 24 November

Are there common issues which arise methodologically, ethically and conceptually in undertaking research involving people who are subject to state incarceration whether in the penal system or elsewhere?

Mixed mode education - 1 December

How can we undertake MME teaching successfully? What are the challenges and opportunities?

8 December - PhD supervision

In this session colleagues will share experiences of supervision at both an early and advanced stage of a research career. We’ll hear from both supervisors and those who have recently completed their doctorates about their experiences of supervision.

15 December - Climate action working group

The Department’s working group on climate action invite all interested colleagues along to discuss the outcomes of COP26 (Glasgow 31 Oct – 12 Nov), the 26th UN Climate Change conference, and to consider possible future actions, initiatives and connections.