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School of Law


Our current students and alumni share their experiences studying postgraduate law at Queen Mary

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Liska Hutchinson Liska Marie Hutchinson, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
25 November 2020

"With a wide selection of modules ranging from fundamentals such as copyright and trademarks to more in-depth, comparative and internationally focussed modules such as commercialisation and global IP, CCLS provided the perfect environment for me to accomplish my goals".

Dhiwani photo Dhwani Mainkar, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2019)
18 November 2020

"A course abroad definitely does entail a major financial investment; I would staunchly recommend it despite the costs, as it more than mitigates the expenses compared to the opportunities it offers." 

Céleste Berta Céleste Berta, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
17 November 2020

"The Professors were really available, helpful and supportive beyond the classic settings, I am still in contact with some of them."

María Camila Melo Hoyos María Camila Melo Hoyos, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
16 November 2020

"I would recommend QMUL and the IP LLM to students and professionals from all over the world. This course provided me with the tools to understand the international legal framework related to IP."

Krishan at Chevening ceremony Krishan Insan, Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM (2020)
20 October 2020

"In my opinion, studying at CCLS was very different because it was like studying in every country of the world due to the multi-cultural nature of CCLS at QMUL."

Auroshikha Deka profile image Auroshikha Deka, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2019)
2 September 2020

"I will always be grateful to the University and the overall experience provided not only because it helped me with my career but has also personally shaped me into becoming a strong -headed and independent person...."

Souria Maroua Touihar (Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM Student 2020) Souria Maroua Touihar, Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM (2020)
5 August 2020

"I appreciate the intellectual stimulation found in the program, but also the openness to the world with the possibility of studying with lawyers from around the world..."

Eduardo Pelissari de Rodrigues in a blue suit Eduardo Pelissari De Rodrigues, Tax Law LLM (2020)
21 July 2020

"I would recommend CCLS to all students and professionals (from junior to experienced level) who are looking to acquiring knowledge or complement it on an international basis..."

Rosemary E. Hambright headshot Rosemary E. Hambright, Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM (2019)
9 June 2020

"My classmates were diverse in their viewpoints and nationalities, but similar in their kindness and enthusiasm..."

Dushinee Maistry headshot Dushinee Maistry, Queen Mary-Sorbonne Double LLM (2019)
9 June 2020

"I would never have imagined that one day I would be having classes with Lord Hoffman..."

Ayu Mawar Rini, Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM
9 June 2020

" The lecturers were supportive and approachable to answer the curiosity of students about the subject. There were also guest lecturers from several prominent law firms..."

Umar Geidman standing outside Queen's Building in graduation robes Umar Geidam, International Business Law LLM (2019)
3 June 2020

"I can assure any candidate looking to join Queen Mary that the University provides much needed help for students to succeed in their chosen field of study..."

Head and shoulders image of Kevin Charles in a suit Kevin Charles, Art, Business and Law LLM (2019)
20 February 2020

"I found the course very rewarding and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone"

Pablo Elias Sobarzo, LLM Energy and Natural Resources Law Student 2020 Pablo Elias Sobarzo, Student Rep for Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM (2020)
11 February 2020

"All of my lecturers until now have been exceptional. Every single one of them either is or was an active practitioner..."

Full body image of Marek Anderle in a suit against an office window Marek Anderle, Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM (2019)
18 December 2019

"Due to the networking events and extra-curricular activities, I significantly expanded my professional network, which ultimately helped me to score my first job in international arbitration..."