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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS Global Chapters

Would you like to feel more connected with old friends, fellow alumni and Queen Mary whilst expanding your networks, and developing your skills and expertise? Our Chapters can help facilitate this.

Chapters are social and/or professional networking groups organised by and for alumni. They help to bring alumni in a specific geographical area together to participate in local activities. Chapters are being set up with specific aims and objectives.

CCLS Chapters

CCLS has 28 official alumni Chapters. They are mainly by country but there are a few by specialism. You can either click on the map above or see by area/specialism below.


CCLS is the ultimate networker. The legal world is rapidly changing and is becoming more and more connected globally. There are few institutions, if any at all, that can connect people from all over the world and then create an environment to help develop intellectual and meaningful relationships.
— Nathan Koneru (International Business Law LLM, 2017)
Keep a positive mind and surround yourself with the people out there who have the same mission as you. Join a CCLS Chapter now to build a cohesive unit of professionals and engage in immutable discussions about the new and emerging trends which shall be mutually beneficial to us in the long run.
— Yashvardhan Rana (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2016)

Interested in helping with a new Chapter?

We are keen to set up more Chapters. If you are interested in setting up a new Chapter or helping with an existing Chapter in your region or country, we would love to hear from you. Please register your interest via the Queen Mary Network.

How we will help

The CCLS Alumni Team will help promote your activities through our extensive network of over 13,000 alumni. We are dedicated to supporting you to ensure that alumni have a good experience and meet up with as many other alumni in your area as possible.

CCLS alumni activities are publicised but increasingly Chapter events will be promoted via the Queen Mary Network. Make sure you join to be updated.


Connect with CCLS alumni

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