Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Visiting Scholars

Every year we welcome a number of visiting scholars who wish to pursue their own research projects and join in the academic life at the School of Law for a minimum of one month, and a maximum of one year.

We also offer a Visiting Research Student Scheme for current doctoral research students who are pursuing studies at another institution, but want to be based in the School of Law during their research degree in order to undertake research.

Visiting Scholars

The visiting scholars scheme is for established scholars (including academics, practitioners and judges) who wish to join the School of Law during a period of sabbatical leave from their usual place of work or home institution. Visiting scholars are provided with IT facilities, library access and, where possible, hot-desk or office space.

These are non-stipendiary positions. Depending on the length of stay, a fee may be charged.

Visiting scholars may be charged:

Fees for Visiting Scholars (LAW1000H / CCLS2000H)
Duration of Visit Fee in £ (fees are taxed)
Up to one month 360
Up to two months 720
One semester 1,440
Full year (12 months) 4,310

How to apply

All applications should be sent to ccls-law-visiting@qmul.ac.uk and should include a CV, a detailed research proposal and an indication of date and length of your proposed visit and your reason for wishing to visit the School of Law.

  • Applications for visiting scholars are considered for approval four times per year.
  • The deadlines for 2018/19 are:.
    Application deadline Visit start date
    2 October 2019 January 2020
    8 January 2020 April 2020
    2 April 2020 July 2020
    2 July 2020 September 2020
  • It can take on average four weeks to process applications so you must ensure that your visit will not start until at least two months after the deadline.

What you can expect as a visiting scholar

Successful applicants will be appointed an academic contact within the School of Law. The contact person will usually be an academic in the same area of research. Depending on the length of a visit, a visiting scholar will typically meet their contact a few times during their stay.

As a visiting scholar to the School of Law, you will be welcome to attend staff and doctoral seminars or presentations, as well as other research events. These events may take place on either or both campuses – Mile End (Department of Law) and Lincoln’s Inn Fields (CCLS).

Visiting Research Students are registered by the college as Associate Students. You will have access to the same range of facilities as standard PhD students including:

  • School of Law resources and activities, including attendance at School of law programmes and research seminarsQMUL library (Mile End)
  • IALS library (Russell Square)
  • IP Archive (IALS)
  • Electronic resources
  • Computer facilities, including wireless
  • Hot-desk space (at Mile End or Lincoln's Inn Fields).

Visiting Research Students are not entitled to apply for funding for travel grants and conferences or studentships of any kind.