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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Queen Mary Network

The Queen Mary Network will enable you to: 

The QM Network homepage
The QM Network homepage
  • connect with Queen Mary’s global community
  • share your career expertise and knowledge through e-mentoring
  • reconnect with your CCLS friends
  • update your details simply and easily

We look forward to welcoming you to what will be a vibrant global community, providing you with a lifelong link to CCLS and each other.

Join the Queen Mary Network today!

Over 2,600 Queen Mary alumni are making use of the network so far and we are now inviting CCLS alumni to join. You can navigate straight to the CCLS page and request to join the CCLS Chapter. An AFSIA Chapter is also promoted on the Queen Mary Network. These Chapters will include upcoming events, forums and news and updates.  

Please note that the platform is administered by Aluminati Network Group. Registration is free and voluntary - if you do not wish to sign up, you will continue to receive communications from Queen Mary via our usual channels until we hear otherwise from you. Please read our Privacy Policy and the Queen Mary Network Terms and Conditions.

Find out more about our Chapters.