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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance

IGLEF Co-Directors: Professor Olivares-Caminal and Professor Kokkoris

The Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance (IGLEF) constitutes a forum for stimulating and conducting interdisciplinary research and disseminating knowledge on the areas of law, economics and finance. IGLEF is part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

The Institute focuses on advancing legal scholarship, to bring together scholars, policymakers and practitioners in law, economics and finance and influence their development and application in practice through research projects, conferences, teaching and publications.

The Institute aims to become one of the leading Institutes for the study of the interaction of law, economics and finance in the UK and globally. It aims to constitute a catalyst for dialogue, thought leadership and scholarship. 

IGLEF will contribute to the evolution and sustainability of financial markets at a global level.

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The Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance is governed by an Executive Board. The Executive Board benefits from the insights of an Academic Board, an Advisory Board and an International Advisory Board, comprising individuals of outstanding international reputation in the field of law, economics and finance, based in the UK (Academic and Advisory Board) and abroad (Global Advisory Board). The members contribute to IGLEF’s activities and advise its Executive Board on strategy, priorities and the national as well as international policy implications.

Executive Board

International Advisory Board


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Stakeholder Engagement

The Institute for Global Law Economics and Finance adopts a flexible approach in its engagement with stakeholders and is closely aligned with the needs of policymakers, as well as the needs of the industry and their advisors in various areas of law, economics and finance.


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