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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Tax Law

The Institute of Tax Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) offers an International Tax Law LLM and a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation as well as a postgraduate research programme.

The International Tax Law LLM at CCLS is the pre-eminent Tax LLM in the United Kingdom and one of the leading programmes in the United Kingdom and Europe. The LLM has a strong international and comparative focus. It offers a range of modules and covers important jurisdictions like the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and China and specific subject areas like Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property Taxation.

The International Tax Law LLM gives our students a strong understanding not only of tax rules but also how tax regimes operate in practice. In addition, our students have the opportunity to strengthen a range of employment related 'soft' skills such as legal research, legal writing and legal English. Unsurprisingly, our students go on to a range of exciting jobs in law, accounting and consulting firms, government and think tanks in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Members of the Institute of Tax Law are engaged in cutting edge research and advisory work, and our taught and research students have the benefit of their up to date knowledge of developments in taxation. Students also benefit from studying in London, one of the world's leading centres of business and finance and the capital of one of the most important legal and tax jurisdictions in the world.

The International Tax Law LLM can be pursued on a full or part-time basis. Further information on the International Tax Law LLM is available here.

Tax modules can also be taken toward a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation.

Information on the PhD programme is available here.

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