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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to the Centre for Commercial Law Studies is possibly the greatest gift you can make during your lifetime and offers you the opportunity to invest in CCLS’s future scholarly research of international excellence, to contribute to the shaping of public and commercial policy, and to provide teaching of the highest quality at postgraduate level. 

The Director of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies and the CCLS Development Board will ensure your bequest will provide the maximum benefit to CCLS. Your first consideration should be your family, but remembering CCLS also, enables you to merge your financial planning and charitable giving aspirations. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated.

Students studying and smiling

Will you Help?

A gift in your will to CCLS costs you nothing now but will have a lasting impact on our students for generations to come.
CCLS wants to continue to grow and share its expertise with future generations and your gift can make this happen. Every gift, whether a modest sum or 1% of your estate, will make a big difference.
While you obtained your LLM in a year, the benefits will last a lifetime!

The Alumni and Development team can provide more information and assistance with setting up a gift in your will.

To discuss further, email Celia Blakeway-Phillips, External Relations & Development Manager or speak confidentially on 07585 888411.

Registered Charity No: 1113376