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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

The Queen Mary-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law

Professor Sir Roy Goode speaking at QMUL-Undroit event


Honorary Chair

Professor Sir Roy Goode


Executive Board

International Advisory Board (as of March 2023)

  • Professor Maria Chiara Malaguti
  • Professor Georges Affaki
  • Professor Michael Bridge
  • Professor Louise Gullifer
  • Dr Thomas Keijser
  • Justice Nick Segal  
  • Professor John Taylor
  • Mr Graham Vinter
  • Mr Chris Southworth  
  • Professor María Pilar Perales Viscasillas
  • Professor Jean-François Riffard  
  • Professor Dkjakhongir Saidov
  • Professor Hiroo Sono   
  • Professor Catherine Walsh
  • Mr Bruce Whittaker
  • Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal 
  • Professor James Dallas
  • Mr Mark Dwyer
  • Ms Frederique Dahan


The Queen Mary-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law (Queen Mary-UNIDROIT ITCL) is a joint venture between Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), which is the intergovernmental organisation for the harmonisation of private international law, headquartered in Rome. Find out more about Unidoit.

Transnational Commercial Law refers to principles and rules of commercial law which have force or influence transnationally, whether because they are common to a number of legal systems or because they are observed as a matter of course by commercial communities or networks which transcend national boundaries. It also refers to methods, instruments and institutions whose activities contribute to the unification of laws and regulations governing commerce or address related issues of comparative law and conflict of laws. 

Professor Ignacio Tirado and Professor Professor Colin Grant signing the agreement between CCLS and UNIDROIT.The Queen Mary-UNIDROIT ITCL has been established for the purpose of collaborating in and promoting:

  • Through CCLS, research and scholarship into transnational commercial law as above defined, and its dissemination; and
  • Through UNIDROIT, the design and promotion of instruments for international harmonisation of commercial law.

The activities of the Queen Mary-UNIDROIT ITCL will include the provision of postgraduate teaching, supervision and examination by CCLS of candidates in transnational commercial law and related fields; research, publication and other dissemination of knowledge in these fields, including through conferences, seminars and short courses; and collaboration in the promotion of UNIDROIT instruments in the field of transnational commercial law.

In common with CCLS’s other Institutes, it is intended that the Queen Mary-UNIDROIT ITCL will be a leading centre of excellence in research, scholarship and promotion of the international harmonisation of commercial law.

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