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School of Law

Regulation and Compliance Law

Are you a current student or recent alumnus of CCLS? Would you be willing to share your testimonial? If so, you could help a prospective student to make an informed choice to study at Queen Mary (class of 2022, 2023 and 2024 only). If you would like to share a news item instead or in addition to your testimonial, please submit it via the News Form

Tolulope Oke (Regulation and Compliance LLM, 2022)
30 November 2022

"The teaching and learning method at CCLS, Queen Mary is one of the best I have experienced."

Pierre Ostercamp Pierre Ostercamp (Regulation and Compliance MA, 2020)
15 September 2021

"My best experience was being a student representative, as I enjoyed meeting and engaging with students, staff and professionals during the social, academic and careers events I organised".


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