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In keeping with Queen Mary University of London's research and development mandate as a Russell Group University, Queen Mary School of Law experts and academics contribute to the evolution of the field, and the understanding and practice of law, through various institutional publications.

European Investment Law and Arbitration Review Online

 ISSN 2468-9017

The European Investment Law and Arbitration Review is the first journal to specifically focus on European investment law and arbitration. This journal is published under the auspices of Queen Mary University of London and EFILA.

Subjects: International Commercial Law, Trade & Investment Law, International Law.

Editorial Board

Professor Loukas Mistelis; Nikos Lavranos; Professor Andrea Bjorklund; Dr. Erhard Böhm; Professor Chester Brown; Professor Mark Feldman; Dr Filippo Fontanelli; Ms Norah Gallagher; Professor Robert Howse; Professor Catherine Kessedjian; Ms Annette Magnussen; Professor Sebastien Manciaux; Ms Inga Martinkute; Professor August Reinisch.

Editorial Assistants

Gloria Maria Alvarez; Rutger Metsch and Nelson Goh.

Global Antitrust Review

The Global Antitrust Review is a publication by the Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC) at Queen Mary. It was established in 2008 as a refereed student journal to encourage and promote outstanding scholarship among young competition law scholars. GAR provides a unique platform for students to engage in research within the field of competition law and policy with a view to publishing the output in the form of scholarly articles, case commentary and book reviews. 

Subjects: Competition Law and Policy

General Editor

Dr Eda Sahin (Queen Mary)

Advisory Board

Mr David Bailey, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal; Mr Christopher Brown, Barrister, Matrix Chambers; Mr Manish Das, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer; Professor Ariel Ezrachi, University of Oxford; Professor Ioannis Lianos, University College London (UCL); Dr Okeoghene Odudu, University of Cambridge.

Queen Mary Human Rights Law Review

ISSN 2059-8092

The Queen Mary Human Rights Law Review was an online human rights review, launched in March 2015 and ran until 2019. In September 2021 the Human Rights Law Centre are launching a student and staff blog: The Human Rights Essay.

Interactive Entertainment Law Review

ISSN - Print: 2515-3870 / Online: 2515-3889

Launched in 2018 on the back of the worldwide success of the More Than Just a Game conference series, this journal serves as a peer-reviewed hub for legal analysis of interactive entertainment, video games, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, social media, and all related and emergent forms of digital interactive entertainment. IELR is published twice a year.

Subjects: Copyright, trademark, patent and fair use; EULAs and contracts; Privacy, personality and surveillance; Internet and communications; Freedoms and censorship; Consumer protections.


Dr Gaetano Dimita, Queen Mary, UK; Professor Jon Festinger, Q.C., Allard School of Law (UBC),Centre for Digital Media, Canada, and Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, UK; Dr Marc Mimler, Bournemouth University, UK.

Law and Economics Yearly Review 

ISSN 2050-9014

aimed at promoting legal and economic debate. It is published by Fondazione Gerardo Capriglione Onlus (an organisation aimed to promote and develop the research activity on financial regulation) in association with Queen Mary University of London.

Subjects: Financial market regulation, Business development and Government policies on globalisation.


F. Capriglione


F. Capriglione; R.M. Lastra; R. McCormick; C. Paulus; L. Reichlin; M. Sakuramoto

Editorial Board

G. Alpa; M. Andenas; A. Antonucci; R. Olivares-Caminal; G. Conte; M. De Marco; M. Hirano; I. MacNeil; M. Martinez; M. Pellegrini; C. Schmid; M. Sepe; A. Steinhouse; V. Troiano; V. Uskov.

Editorial Advisory Board

F. Buonocore; N. Casalino; I. Kokkoris; A. Miglionico; D. Siclari

International Community Law Review

ISSN - Print: 1871-9740 / Online: 1871-9732

"International law can only prosper if careful attention is given to all the voices expressing themselves on current legal issues […]. Any striving for hegemony threatens to undermine the legitimacy of international law." From the Foreword by Christian Tomuschat and Jean-Marc Thouvenin to The Fundamental Rules of the International Legal Order: Jus Cogens and Obligations Erga Omnes.

Merging the journals Non-State Actors and International Law (ISSN 1567-7125) and International Law FORUM du droit international (ISSN 1388-9036), the International Community Law Review (ICLR) addresses all aspects of international law and the international community.

The Journal aims to explore the implications of various traditions of international law, as well as more current perceived hegemonic trends for the idea of an international community. The Journal will also look at the ways and means in which the international community uses and adapts international law to deal with new and emerging challenges. Non-state actors , intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, individuals, peoples, transnational corporations and civil society as a whole - have changed our outlook on contemporary international law. In addition to States and intergovernmental organizations, they now play an important role. Rather than regional, the focus of ICLR will be multicultural, including alternative and/or critical approaches, with contributions written by scholars from all parts of the globe. The International Community Law Review, published four times a year, consists of articles, shorter articles/comments, case notes and book reviews.


Malgosia Fitzmaurice, QMUL

Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property 

As an extension of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute's reputation as one of the foremost centres for intellectual property research and education, QMJIP has become an important forum for quality scholarship in this field, publishing full-length articles as well as analysis pieces and case reports, on a quarterly basis.

Subjects: Intellectual property, Intellectual property law

State Crime Journal

ISSN - Print: 2046-6056 / Online: 2046-6064

State Crime is the first peer-reviewed, international journal that seeks to disseminate leading research on the illicit practices of states. The journal's focus is a reflection of the growing awareness within criminology that state criminality is endemic and acts as a significant barrier to security and development.

Subjects: Anthropology, Criminology & Criminal Justice, International Relations, Law, Law, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology.

Editors in Chief

Professor Penny Green (QMUL); Prof Tony Ward (Northumbria University); Prof Kristian Lasslett (University of Ulster); Dr Thomas MacManus (QMUL).

Assistant Editor

Sophie Knowles-Mofford (Queen Mary University of London)

Editorial Board

Dr Michael Grewcock (University New South Wales); Prof. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Dr Vincenzo Bollettino (Harvard University); Prof. Scott Poynting (Manchester Metropolitan University); Prof. Jude McCulloch (Monash University); Prof. Sharon Pickering (Monash University); Dr Elizabeth Stanley (Victoria University); Prof. Bill Rolston (University of Ulster); Prof Frank Pearce (Queen’s University); Prof. Ron Kramer (Western Michigan University); Prof. Ray Michalowski (Northern Arizona University); Prof. Martha K. Huggins (Tulane University); Prof. Hilal Elver (University of California, Santa Barbara); Dr Victoria Mason (Australian National University); Prof. Jeremy Keenan (SOAS, University of London); Shaazka Beyerle (John Hopkins University); Prof. Elisabeth Saatjian Weber (University of California, Santa Barbara); Dr Hazel Cameron (University of St Andrews); Prof. Jennifer Leaning (Harvard University); Prof. David Whyte (University of Liverpool); Prof. Steve Tombs (The Open University); Prof. Jennifer Schirmer (University of Oslo); Prof. David Kauzlarich (Southern Illinois University); Dr Cathy Gormley Heenan (University of Ulster); Dr Sam Raphael (University of Westminster).

Transnational Commercial Law Review

ISSN 2515-3838

The Transnational Commercial Law Review is an online, open access peer-reviewed journal. It is an in-house publication of Queen Mary University of London's Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) dedicated to publishing academic research and commentary of the highest quality in terms of originality and rigour.

Subjects: Commercial Law

General Editors

Andromachi Georgosouli (Queen Mary); Miriam Goldby (Queen Mary)

Consultant General Editor

Professor Sir Roy Goode (Oxford)

Editorial Board

Professor Susan Block-Lieb (Fordham University, USA); Professor Michael Bridge (LSE); Professor Alan Dignam (QMUL); Professor Stephen Girvin (National University of Singapore); Professor Louise Gullifer (Oxford); Professor Herbert Kronke (University of Heidelberg, Germany); Professor Matthias Lehmann (University of Bonn, Germany); Professor David Llewelyn (Singapore Management University; KCL); Professor Eva Lomnicka (KCL); Professor Spyros Maniatis (QMUL); Professor Chris Millard (QMUL); Professor Loukas Mistelis (QMUL); Professor Horatia Muir Watt (Sciences Po, France); Professor Philip Rawlings (QMUL); Professor Chris Reed (QMUL); Professor Sarah Worthington (Cambridge).

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