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School of Law

Abhijeet Kumar


PhD Student



Thesis title

Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions in the Information Age


Professor Uma Suthersanen and Dr Gaetano Dimita

Summary of research

The research aims at examining the popular model of protection accorded to Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs), which is done through provisions of existing IP Laws (like copyright, design, geographical indications etc.) or as an equitable right against exploitation (as a common law remedy), by highlighting shortcomings of the existing models and proposing a model of protection, which balances the rights of communities and that of TCEs, while keeping the challenges of digital age at the centre of research.

The research is being looked at from an Indian perspective, a country of vast cultural resources owned by diverse identities belonging to different indigenous or local communities. The experience of the Indian Sub-Continent, which was mostly a single entity till recent past (as far as cultural expressions and identities are concerned), is being explored, as the influence on the culture of the sovereign nation states of modern times is patently visible. Additionally, a comparative experience of other jurisdiction on the subject matters for determining the best practices, which could be adopted for resolving the issue of research, will be relied upon, including the experience of UK and other commonwealth countries.


Abhijeet is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, researching upon Intellectual Property Laws. He has done his BA, LLB degree with dual honours in Political Science and Intellectual Property Rights from NLU Odisha (India), and his LLM degree from NLU Jodhpur (India), with specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights. He has professional experience of working as an Advocate before Courts in India and as In-house Counsel for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, a ‘Maharatna’ Undertaking of Govt. of India and a Forbes 2000 company. His interest for research has led to him authoring several research papers in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books, published by international publishers, along with his book titled ‘A Complete Guide to Valuation of IP Assets: with Discussions on Managing, Taxing and Auditing IPs’, which is being published by Thomson Reuters.

His area of interest includes researching different aspects of Intellectual Property Laws for curating a tailor-made solution, by highlighting legislative requirement, specific to socio-economic condition of the developing nation states.



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