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School of Law

Professor Uma Suthersanen, LLB (Hons) (Singapore), LLM (London), PhD (London), Advocate and Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Singapore


Professor of Global Intellectual Property Law

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8081
Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Professor Uma Suthersanen holds degrees in law from the National University of Singapore (LLB) and Queen Mary University of London (LLM and PhD). She was a Herchel Smith Fellow and a Financial Times Law & Tax Fellow at Queen Mary, before becoming a tenured lecturer in 2001. In 2009, she was conferred a Personal Chair in International Intellectual Property Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies. She is the Academic Director of the Intellectual Property Law LLM.

Uma will be a co-editor of Copinger & Skone-James on Copyright (Sweet & Maxwell, 18th Edition) with Nicholas Caddick QC and Gwilym Harbottle. She has authored several works on intellectual property and innovation including Dutfield & Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law (Edward Elgar, 2020) and Design Law: European Union and United States (Sweet and Maxwell, 2010); as well as the General Editor of the European Copyright and Design Reports (Sweet & Maxwell). For an up-to-date bibliography, see Publications tab.

She sits on the Executive Committee of the British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association (ALAI-UK) (Chairman from 2006-10; Vice-Chairman from 2010-2013); and is a Visiting Overseas Fellow of the I.P. Academy of Singapore. Uma has served as a consultant and given evidence to various UN organisations, governmental bodies, and NGOs including UNCTAD, European Parliament, European Commission, and the Governments of Israel and Singapore – see Publications tab.

Her works have been cited by, inter alia, the following organisations and governments: European Commission (Legal review on industrial design protection in Europe, 2016); OECD (The Innovation Policy Platform (IPP) (developed by the World Bank Group/OECD); Enquiries Into Intellectual Property’s Economic Impact, 2015); UNCTAD (Tool Box for Policy Coherence in Access to Medicines and Local Pharmaceutical Production 2017; Development Dimensions of Intellectual Property in Indonesia:Access to Medicines, Transfer of Technology and Competition, 2011; UNCTAD/ICTSD Side-event on the WIPO Development Agenda and the Public Domain (2010); UNCTAD’s Least Developed Countries Report 2007); WIPO (Economic Research Working Paper No. 18, 2014; IGC on I.P. and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore, Note on the Meanings of the Term “Public Domain” in the Intellectual property System, 2010); WTO (Working Paper on Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Export Diversification: the Application of Utility Model Laws, 2014); Australian Government (Productivity Commission’s Report on Intellectual Property Arrangements 2016; IPAustralia Economic Research Paper 05, The economic impact of innovation patents, 2015; Advisory Council on I.P., Review of the Innovation Patent System (Final Report), 2015); Indian Government (Discussion Paper on Utility Models (DIPP, 2011). She has been interviewed and quoted in various international media including the International Herald Tribune, the Guardian and BBC Radio 4 (Law in Action).

Postgraduate Teaching


Having seen through the second edition of Dutfield & Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law (Edward Elgar, 2020), which involved a lot of reading and writing, Professor Suthersanen is currently enjoying herself by focussing her next batch of projects/publications on: the impact of Asimov/STNG on the regulation of AI; the emergence of an autonomous functionality rule within EU copyright, design and trade mark laws (co-authored and forthcoming in GRUR International, 2021); the nexus between pharmaceutical branding and competition (co-authored), and finally, food security, fraudulent branding and IPRs (co-authored and forthcoming in G. Capaldo (ed), Global Community Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence, Oxford Univ Press, 2021). A more quixotic project is the genesis of English copyright and patent doctrines within 18th century jurisprudence, with a focus on Lord Mansfields’ decisions. An initial foray in this area resulted in: Pope versus Curll (1741) Revisited: Being A fair and true Account of the Views of certain well-respected Authors on Publishing, Pyracy and Propertie in the Eighteenth Century (co-authored, forthcoming in S.Ghosh (ed), Forgotten Intellectual Property Lore, Edward Elgar, 2021).

Uma claims the “currently working on a monograph” status – and is actually currently working on a monograph which attempts to construct a fresh theoretical framework in relation to intellectual property rules. So, other than the usual areas (copyright, design, innovation/utility models, orphan works, digital surrogates), she regularly reads and updates on several themes including competition and innovation theories, development capacity, educational and medicinal access, bioprospecting, human rights and dignitarian doctrines.

Uma’s personal research mission is to build a framework of intellectual property scholarship by locating it within law and policy discourses on innovation, creativity and public interest. This will embrace an international and comparative legal approach (which acknowledges the divergences in legal families and justificatory bases) and a re-framing of norms and practices governing intangible property, human and societal rights. And whilst this mission may never be fulfilled, she believes (perhaps delusionally) that she has achieved several goals in this respect: (i) initiated a more critical perspective on utility models by arguing that such hybrid rights have to be designed on the basis of endogenous economic, development, and innovation environments, taking into account the local competencies and collective behaviours - as these rights challenge the justificatory bases of all other intellectual property rights, as well as accepted competition norms [see outputs on utility models and minor innovations]; (ii) produced several comparative doctrinal studies in the period 1996-2016 on the legal protection of consumer objects as a socio-legal phenomenon by exploring justifications and functionality doctrines within copyright, design, trade mark and competition laws (citations of her work include two by the Advocate General for the CJEU, and she was the academic lead and main scientific author of the European Commission’s 2016 Legal Review of Industrial Design Protection in the EU); (iii) pioneered the use of stakeholder analysis as an analytical tool for exploring unusual patterns within the right to education, orphan works, bio-cultural heritage, and the evolution of international copyright norms, with part of the work funded by a £148000 AHRC grant.


Global Intellectual Property

  • Dutfield & Suthersanen on Global Intellectual Property Law, with Graham Dutfield, Edward Elgar, 2020
  • Copyright and Manufactured Objects: Aesthetic Considerations and Policy Discriminations’, in Matthew David and Debora Halbert (eds), Sage Handbook Of Intellectual Property, 2015
  • ‘Global Intellectual Property Law’, (with Graham Dutfield), in G. Ziccardi Capaldo (ed), The Global Community: Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence Oxford University Press, 7-34, 2012
  • ‘The Design/Copyright Overlap: Is there a Resolution?’ (with Sam Ricketson) in, Neil Wilkof & Shamnad Basheer (eds), Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights, Oxford University Press, 159-187, 2012
  • Global Copyright: Three Hundred Years Since the Statute of Anne, from 1710 to Cyberspace, (Co-editor, with Lionel Bently and Paul Torremans), Edward Elgar, 2010
  • Design Law: European Union and United States, Sweet and Maxwell, 2010 [A proofs version is available for free on Suthersanen’s page]
  • ‘Declaration - A Balanced Interpretation Of The “Three-Step Test” In Copyright Law’, with Reto Hilty, Christoph Geiger, Jonathan Griffiths, [2010] JIPITEC 119 (German publication: ‘Erklärung für eine ausgewogene Auslegung des Drei-Stufen-Tests im Urheberrecht’ [2010] GRUR Int. 822
  • Global Intellectual Property Law (with Graham Dutfield), Edward Elgar, 2008
  • ‘Creative Commons – the other way”[2007] 20(1) Learned Publishing 59-68
  • ‘Industrial designs’, Resource Handbook on TRIPS and Development, Cambridge University Press, 2005
  • Copyright and Free Speech: A Comparative and International Analysis, (Co-editor, with Jonathan Griffiths), Oxford University Press, 2005
  • ‘Harmonising Design Law in a Free Trade Area: Jurisprudential Lessons from the European Union and the United States’, Christophe Antons, et al (eds), Intellectual Property Harmonisation Within ASEAN and APEC, Kluwer Law International, 57-92, 2004
  • ‘Napster, DVD and All That: Developing a Coherent Copyright Grid for Internet Entertainment’, in Eric Barendt & Alison Firth (eds), Yearbook of Copyright and Media Law, Oxford University Press, 207-250, 2002
  • ‘A Comparative Review of Database Protection in the European Union and United States’, Francois Dessemontet & R. Gani (eds), Creative Ideas for Intellectual Property, Cédidac, 2002
  • Copyright: World Law and Practice, (Co-editor, with Morag Macdonald & Cristina Garrigues), Sweet & Maxwell, 2002-2006
  • Design Protection: World Law and Practice, (Co-editor, with Morag Macdonald & Spyros Maniatis), Sweet & Maxwell, 1997-2004

Interdisciplinary Approaches: Stakeholder, Law & Economics, Human Rights and History

  • ‘Pope versus Curll (1741)’, in Forgotten Intellectual Property Lore, in Shubha Ghosh (ed), Edward Elgar, 2020
  • ‘Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources: Observing Legal Protection through the Lens of Historical Geography and Human Rights’, with Graham Dutfield, [2019] 58 Washburn Law Journal 399-447
  • A Shifting Empire: 100 Years of the Copyright Act 1911, (Co-editor, with Ysolde Gendreau), Edward Elgar, 2013
  • ‘Albion's Legacy?’, in U. Suthersanen & Y. Gendreau (eds) Shifting Empire: 100 Years Since the Imperial Copyright Act of 1911, Edward Elgar, 2013
  • The First Global Copyright Act’, in Uma Suthersanen & Ysolde Gendreau (eds), Shifting Empire: 100 Years Since the Imperial Copyright Act of 1911, Edward Elgar, 2013
  • ‘Comparative Advertising under European Law: Towards a More Liberal Policy’ (with Torsten Tristan Straub), in Renata Krzykała-Schaefer (ed), Zarządzanie międzykulturowe w jednoczącej się Europie, WSB Poznan, 2010
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  • ‘Towards an International Public Interest Rule? Human Rights and International Copyright Law”, in J. Griffiths and U. Suthersanen (eds.), Copyright and Free Speech, Oxford University Press, 97-124, 2005
  • ‘Harmonisation or Differentiation in Intellectual Property Protection? The Lessons of History’ with Graham Dutfield [2005] 23(2) Prometheus 131-147 (previously published under the same title as Occasional Paper 15, Quaker United Nations Office, August 2004)
  • ‘Copyright and Educational Policies: A Stakeholder Analysis’ [2003] 23 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 586-610
  • ‘Breaking down intellectual property barriers’ [1998] 3 Intellectual Property Quarterly 267-294
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Innovation and Utility Models

  • ‘Utility models: do they really serve national innovation strategies” in The Innovation Society and Intellectual Property, in Josef Drexl & Anselm Kamperman Sanders (eds), Edward Elgar, 2019
  • Innovation Without Patents: Harnessing the Innovative Spirit in a Diverse World, (with Graham Dutfield and Chow Kit Boey, as authors and editors), Edward Elgar, 2007
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  • The Innovation Dilemma: Intellectual Property and the Historical Legacy of Cumulative Creativity’, with Graham Dutfield, [2004] 8 Intellectual Property Quarterly 379-421
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  • ‘A brief tour of the utility model law’ [1998] 20(2) European Intellectual Property Review 44-51

Heritage and Orphan Works

  • Who owns the orphans? Property in digital cultural heritage assets’, in Research Handbook on Copyright Law, Paul Torremans (ed), Edward Elgar, 359-390, 2017
  • ‘Property and Culture: A Case Study on Orphan Works’ [2017] Vol. XXII Art, Antiquity & Law 172-191
  • ‘Editorial - Impact of Brexit on Art, Business and Law” [2017] Vol. XXII Art, Antiquity & Law 97-100
  • The EU Directive on Orphan Works’, in Copyright in the European Union, in Irini Stamatoudi & Paul Torremans (eds), Edward Elgar, (with Maria Mercedes Frabboni), 653-695, 2015

EU & UK Intellectual Property

  • ‘An autonomous EU Functionality Doctrine for Shape Exclusions’, with Marc Mimler, [2020] GRUR International XX
  • Excluding Designs (and Shape Marks): Where is the EU Court of Justice going? (2019) 2 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 1-3
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  • ‘Authorship and Ownership of Industrial Designs’ [1994] Managing Intellectual Property 23-34
  • ‘Pig Fenders – Commonplace’ [1993] 24 European Communities Trade Mark Association 39-45

Commissioned Reports and Policy Briefs


PhD Supervision 

Professor Suthersanen has supervised a total of 27 students to successful completion (as primary or secondary supervisor – see below for full list). She welcomes proposals for supervision in intellectual property law in general. While she will consider all such proposals in this area, she is most likely to be helpful as a supervisor if the proposal falls within her main areas of research interest including:

  • Historical or socio-economic or competition perspectives of IPRs;
  • IPRs viewed from literary or visual theories with focus on art, industrial design, robots and AI-generated creativity;
  • Globalisation or development economics and law perspectives with focus on the intersection between TRIPS, ICESCR, creators’ rights, labour and employee rights, users’ rights, right to education/health, private ordering systems/collective management;
  • Rights of local/indigenous/states/memory institutions to (bio)-cultural property, TK/TCEs, repatriation, ABS mechanisms vis-à-vis IPRs.

Current students

  • Kelvin Sum: Syncing copyright with the online digital environment
  • Lucius Klobučník (EIPIN Innovation Society Scholar): Innovative Models for Multi-territorial Licensing of Musical Works for Online Use: An Answer to Rights’ Fragmentation Problem?
  • Maryam Parsioon (Herchel Smith Scholar) : Can an Understanding of Artistic Creativity and a Strategy to Raise IP Awareness Among U.S. and U.K. Artists Make Them a More Effective Subject of Copyright Law?
  • Alexandros Alexandrou, The Interactive Entertainment Industry and Successive Creativity: Remastering Copyright for Video Games and Successive Works
  • Paraskevi Kollia (Queen Mary School of Law scholar): Farmers rights vis-à-vis the right to food: The effect of EU intellectual property rights in contemporary Greece

First supervision – passed

  1. Pinar Oruç (CCLS Herchel Smith scholar): The Effect of Copyright Laws on the Preservation and Digitisation of Cultural Heritage – passed 2019
  2. Natalie G. S. Corthésy: What’s In A Name?” International Intellectual Property Protection of Nation Brands – passed 2019
  3. Paula Westenberger (Queen Mary School of Law scholar): Freedom of expression, performance art and copyright : A socio-legal analysis of the Brazilian jurisprudence – passed 2018
  4. Heesob Nam, A Human Rights Approach in Global Intellectual Property Regime: ‘Trade Related’ v. ‘Human Rights Related’ – passed 2018
  5. Lynda Oswald: United States multi-actor patent infringement doctrine and the role of specialised appellate courts - passed 2016
  6. Vivian Mak (Queen Mary AHRC scholar): Patenting human genetic material: a comparative study - passed 2014
  7. Mary Gani-Ikilama (Herchel Smith scholar): An analysis of the effects of copyright law on the creative autonomy of the performing author in the Nigerian popular music industry - passed 2014
  8. Henry Nampandu (Commonwealth scholar): The conflict between copyright and the right to education: a least developed country perspective with specific reference to Uganda – passed 2014
  9. Pawarit Lertdhamtewe (Herchel Smith scholar): Intellectual property rights and development: reforming plant protection regime in Thailand for development objectives – passed 2014
  10. Shang-pei Chung (Taiwanese Government Scholar): Patents as property in Taiwanese jurisprudence: rebuilding a property model for patents – passed 2013
  11. Gaetano Dimita: Copyright and shared networking technologies
  12. Jairak Euarchukiate (Thai Government scholar): Access to essential medicines and patents in Thailand
  13. Maria Mercedes Frabboni (Herchel Smith scholar): Collective management of music rights: a test of competition and industrial organization theories
  14. Mark Abell: The regulation of franchising in the European Union
  15. Beverley Pereira: A regional approach to the management of copyright in the Caribbean community
  16. Phillip Johnson: Private international law, Intellectual Property and the Internet
  17. Marisella Ouma: Copyright Enforcement in Sub-Saharan Africa
  18. John Cahir (Herchel Smith scholar): A harmony between private and common ownership: the evolution of property in digitally networked information societies

Second supervision – passed

  1. Shane Burke (Graduate Teaching scholar): Disintegrating reification: developing artistic practice and copyright’s increasing struggle for relevance
  2. Marta Diaz Pozo (Herchel Smith scholar): Patentability requirements’ failure in biotechnology patents: EC directive on biotechnological inventions
  3. Athina Loverdou: Copyright and freedom of expression: revising the Berne Convention
  4. Estelle Derclaye: In search of an adequate legal protection of databases: a comparative analysis
  5. Martin Kuppers: Third-party copyright liability of online service providers in the UK and USA
  6. Johanna von Braun: Do public policy objectives have a space in the negotiation of bilateral free trade agreements?  A study of multi-level diplomacy and the making of intellectual property law
  7. Rajesh Sagar: The evolution of patent policy in India from 1856 to 2005
  8. Hanan Almawla: The problem of author’s moral rights in conflicts of laws
  9. Ke Shao: The justice of balance: understanding intellectual property from Chinese historical and philosophical perspectives

Public Engagement

Current Visiting Positions

  • Visiting Professor, WIPO LLM in Industrial Property (with University of Ankara)
  • Visiting Professor World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy Advanced Course in Copyright (with British Copyright Council)
  • Visiting & Overseas Fellow, Intellectual Property Academy of Singapore-Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

Academic and Professional Boards

  • British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association (ALAI-UK): Executive Committee Member (2013 – present); Chairman (2006-10); Vice-Chairman (2010-2013)
  • Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale: Executive Committee Member (2006-2016)
  • British Copyright Council: Copyright and Technology Working Group (2004-2012)
  • British Computer Society: Legal Advisory Committee (2004-2011)
  • Geneva Trade & Development Forum on Inclusive Globalization: Working Group on Trade and Intellectual Property (2007-2008)
  • Institute for Public Policy Research: Advisory Board (2006-2007)
  • AHRB Copyright Research Network, Birkbeck, London: Core Member (2004-2007)
  • Creative Commons (England & Wales): Legal Advisory Board (2004-2007)

Editorial Positions

  • General Editor, European Copyright and Design Reports
  • Founding and Series Editor, Queen Mary Studies in Intellectual Property
  • International Advisory Board, International Review of Law, Computers and Technology
  • Editorial Board, Interactive Entertainment Law Review

Non-Academic Community

Trustee, Carnegie Community Trust (Herne Hill) (2018- present)

Invited Lectures and Keynotes (2012-2019)

  • Who Owns the Artefact? Visualising the future of digital heritage assets (with Paula Westenberger), 11th Annual Conference of the International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property (ISHTIP), July 2019, Sydney, Australia
  • Keynote Lecture: The Functionality Doctrine, 109th Annual Conference of The Society of Legal Scholars, Queen Mary, 4 September 2018, London
  • Keynote lecture : Education and Copyright, International Workshop on Intellectual Property Law in Perspective of Economic Growth and Wealth Creation, August 16-16, 2017, (funded by the Newton / Katip Celebi Fund). Izmir, Turkey
  • Copyright and Out-of-Commerce Works, 6th International Intellectual Property Congress, 9 June 2017, Queen Mary, London and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • Universities, Educational Use and Copyright : A Comparative Review, in Intellectual Property and global development: 50 Years after Stockholm, Texas A&M University School of Law, March 31-April 1, 2017, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Copyright Licences and Orphan Works, Annual Congress of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI 2017), 17-20 May 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Copyright and Course Packs: A Collision of Competing Values?, Thursday, Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre and the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, Somerville College, University of Oxford, 24 November 2016, Oxford
  • Acquis Communautaire in Design Law, Annual Congress of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI 2016), September 2016, Rome, Italy
  • Global Intellectual Property Law, Inaugural Queen Mary-Singapore Management University Alumnus Lecture, at Singapore Management University, July 2016, Singapore
  • Innovation, Commerce and IPRS: US and EU divergences, with G. Dutfield, Thailand Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, July 2016, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Cartridges, coffee pods and cars: Design Protection and Relevant Aftermarkets after Nestle and EFIM decisions, 6th International Intellectual Property Congress, organised by Queen Mary, London and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, June 2015, Madrid, Spain
  • Challenges under International Copyright Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia, July 9, 2014, Colombia
  • CJEU case law on originality and EU directive interpretation, 4thInternational I.P. Congress, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid & Queen Mary, 13 June 2014, London
  • Who Cares About the Orphans? Institutional and Authorial Mandates, Digitization, Public Domain & Informational Monopolies, Bournemouth University, 10 April, 2014, Bournemouth
  • Statutory Interpretation of EU Copyright in UK Law, 15th European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) Congress, 4-6 April, 2014, London
  • Keynote Lecture: World Copyright Systems: Philosophical and Pragmatic Queries, in the Inaugural Mona Law Intellectual Property Forum 2014, February 2014, Kingston, Jamaica
  • “3D objects and IP Discrimination”, Intellectual Property Symposium on June 29-30, University of Durham.
  • ISP Liabilities and Remedies at the 32nd Congress of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP), Pembroke College, , 23-26 June, 2013, Oxford
  • Design Law for Developing Countries, in Legal, Economic and Management Aspects of Intellectual Property, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organisation/CEIPI - Université de Strasbourg/National Institute of Industrial Property, 10 June 2013, Strasbourg, France
  • New EU Directive on Orphan works, at the 3rd International IP Congress at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, June 2013
  • Aggrandizing Petty Innovation – International Aspects, American Bar Association's 28th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, 3-5 April 2013, Arlington, USA,
  • Product Designs and Fashionable Lifestyles: Law, Function and Aesthetism, paper presented at HERA project Fashioning the Early Modern: Creativity and Innovation in Europe, 1500-1800, Fashion and IPRs: Past & Present, February 2013, London
  • Design and Function: an EU perspective, in ‘Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Goods’, University of Hong Kong, June 2012, Hong Kong, China
  • Design, Function and Art: A socio-legal perspective, at ‘The Future of Design Law,’, organized by the University of Bloomington, Indiana & St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford, Nov. 2-3, 2012, Oxford

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