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School of Law

Alumni profiles

Head and shoulders image of Laura James in a black suit jacket and white shirt Alumni profile - Laura James
10 December 2020

I had the benefit of completing a bachelor's degree at a Canadian University, and my experiences prior to law school fostered my desire to study law. I like to learn, and becoming a lawyer means that I will never stop learning. 

Sarah Cove in her barristers' uniform Alumni profile - Sarah Cove
7 October 2020

I knew I wanted to become a lawyer when I was 12 and therefore when I looked into degrees later on the LLB was the degree for me. I love London and the East End so Queen Mary was the obvious choice but also the modules at Queen Mary were really interesting.

Tony Goldsmith profile image Alumni profile - Tony Goldsmith
15 September 2020

Tony Goldsmith talks about his career, from his time as a deck officer with Ocean Fleets, leaving the sea to study Law at Queen Mary and qualifying as a solicitor, becoming a partner at the firm, to setting up Hill Dickinson's first office in Asia, and then returning to London to take over as business group leader.

Kamran Khan in his barrister's gown and wig Alumni profile - Kamran Khan
14 July 2020

No one day as a pupil barrister is ever the same. Each case has its own nuances, and the job requires you to absorb a large volume of information in a short space of time and be able to apply it in your client’s best interests.

Alumni profile - Ololade Adesanya
7 July 2020

I’m a Director at EY and the Wealth and Asset Management sector lead for internal audit. As an auditor, my role is to protect the assets of financial institutions by providing assurance that they have sound governance, processes and controls in place.

Alumni profile - Constance Kratsa
2 July 2020

Constance studied Law and Economics at Queen Mary, graduating in 2006, and went on to earn an MBA from the University of Oxford. She now works as Head of Marketing (EMEA Travel Retail) for a premium beauty brand. Here, she shares her experience of studying at Queen Mary and how it helped her discover an interest in the business world.

May Poon profile image in black and white Alumni profile - May Poon
16 June 2020

I completed my training contract in Hong Kong and I am now Hong Kong qualified and working in Hong Kong. I never thought I would end up as a solicitor and working in Hong Kong too but I am really happy that it turned out this way!

Headshot of alumna Shivani Reddy Alumni profile - Shivani Reddy
10 May 2020

At Fairtrade, I worked on a wide range of issues (fairer prices for banana farmers; public-private partnerships; gender equality in agricultural supply chains; Sustainable Development Goals; modern slavery; post-Brexit trade policy…). After almost four years, I decided that I wanted to see if I could make an impact on people’s lives from inside a large company so I moved to Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP).

Headshot of alumna Niva Thiruchelvam Alumni profile - Niva Thiruchelvam
1 November 2019

As a civil servant for HM Treasury, it's really motivating to work on issues knowing that the solution can have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives - I'm currently working on tackling climate change!