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Neve Gordon profile image Why did Netanyahu vote against a law he wholly embraces?
22 July 2021

Professor Neve Gordon has written an opinion piece for Aljazeera on the Israeli politician, Benjamin Netanyahu.

A person checking financial data on a smartphone Bank of England must spell out risks of quantitative easing, according to new report
21 July 2021

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has published its report on the policies of the Bank of England. An academic at Queen Mary University of London acted as Special Advisor to the group, providing expert evidence, which informed the findings.

Pregnant person caressing their stomach On care, coercion and childbirth in the Court of Protection
7 July 2021

New blog from Dr Ruth Fletcher analyses Court of Protection decision involving a pregnant woman living with agoraphobia.

Queen Mary LLB student with raised hand in lecture Queen Mary named top 10 for law by the Complete University Guide 2022
29 June 2021

Queen Mary University of London has been ranked 10th in the UK for Law by the Complete University Guide 2022, up 17 places from 2021.

Prakash Shah Dr Prakash Shah discusses 'The Promiscuity of Anti-Caste Activism'
18 June 2021

Dr Shah was in conversation for an event hosted by the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA)

Map of the Mediterranean, showing Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, South East Europe and North Africa Queen Mary Lead Study Investigates the EU Approach to Migration in the Mediterranean
17 June 2021

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax was lead author of the expert study that examines the EU approach on migration in the Mediterranean, covering developments from the 2015 refugee crisis up to the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

Image of Dana Droz William & Mary Draper’s Company Scholarship recipient success
11 June 2021

Dana Drožina recently graduated with an LLM from the College of William & Mary in the USA, with one of the highest overall grade point averages in class.

Séan McConville profile image Professor Seán McConville appears on the Mile End Institute Podcast
9 June 2021

This feature-length episode launches the final part of his trilogy, 'Irish Political Prisoners from 1848 to 2000'.

A smart phone lock screen with code access Digital forensics experts prone to bias, study shows
3 June 2021

Professor Ian Walden was featured in The Guardian

A person holding a sign saying 'save our planet' in a dump full of rubbish The trade system is key to tackling climate change, not environmental agreements, according to new book
2 June 2021

A new book authored by Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas provides a radical new insight into how climate change can be tackled by using the trade system.

Pylons in a field of yellow flowers Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas publishes new research on sustainability
1 June 2021

His research was published in Emory International Law Review and Compliance and Environmental Law.

Cover the 2nd edition of Cloud Computing Law The 2nd edition of Cloud Computing Law has just been published
20 May 2021

This expanded and fully updated new edition covers in detail the legal and regulatory implications of what many people simply call ‘the cloud’.

Lady Justice from behind holding a set of scales Democratic Legacies in the Post-Pandemic University: Reflections on a Students’ Jury
19 May 2021

Dr Jeffrey Kennedy and Queen Mary LLB Student Karoline Leitgeb penned an article for The Post-Pandemic University on their new approach to decision-making.

Queens' Building against a blue sky Schools of History and Law receive gender equality awards
13 May 2021

Queen Mary University of London's School of History and School of Law have both been awarded the prestigious Athena Swan Bronze Award by Advance HE.

Artefacts of Legal Inquiry book cover Scholarly Blog on Imagination hosts a Symposium on Professor Del Mar’s book
10 May 2021

The Junkyard of the Mind – a scholarly blog devoted to the study of imagination – has hosted a multi-disciplinary symposium on Professor Maks Del Mar’s Artefacts of Legal Inquiry: The Value of Imagination in Adjudication (2020).

Syrian migrants / refugees arrive from Turkey on boat through sea with cold water near Molyvos, Lesbos on an overload dinghy. Leaving Syria that has war Deaths at sea highlight failings in Europe migration policy
10 May 2021

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax has been featured in AP News, Aljazeera and Euronews.

A black and white photo of prison cell bars Dirty protests: why Irish republican prisoners smeared their cells with faeces to make a political statement during the Troubles
10 May 2021

Professor Seán McConville has written an opinion piece for The Conversation on how Northern Ireland protests were taken to the extreme in the 1970s and 1980s during the Troubles.

Tree in a desert in Morocco Arbitration still seen as the best process for resolving international disputes, even in times of pandemic
6 May 2021

The School of International Arbitration (Queen Mary University of London) is delighted to launch the results of its twelfth major empirical International Arbitration Survey. This is the fifth one in partnership with international law firm White and Case LLP.

Dr Caroline Morris Queen Mary School of Law Academic accredited as an official Electoral Observer by the UK Electoral Commission
5 May 2021

Dr Caroline Morris was accredited ahead of local elections and the London Mayoral elections taking place in the UK on 6 May.

valsamis mitsilegas profile image Professor Mitsilegas cited in Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Report
5 May 2021

Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas's oral evidence has been cited extensively in a recent Report published by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

An iPhone screen with apps, including Spotify, laying on a white table Professor Ioannis Kokkoris discusses the EU Apple Antitrust Case
5 May 2021

Professor Kokkoris was interviewed for CGTN Europe

Person wearing headphones crossing the street 'It's a Crazy Issue' – The Bizarre World of Scam Audiobooks
22 April 2021

Professor Johanna Gibson was featured in Vice 

Séan McConville profile image Tale of how imprisonment shaped Irish political events begins with a paradox
13 April 2021

Professor Séan McConville was featured in The Irish News 

Image of Nikoleta winner of ORAS mooting competition Double Degree Student Wins Mooting Competition in English and French Law
6 April 2021

Nikoleta Konstantellou shares her experience of taking part in the first ever ORAS English and French Law Mooting Competition.

Star of David and religious texts laid out in a synagogue Was Einstein an Anti-Semite?
1 April 2021

Professor Never Gordon was featured in in Inside Higher Education

A mural depicting Bobby Sands who died in prison whilst on hunger strike in 1981 Prisoners not politicians were key to the Good Friday Agreement succeeding, according to new book
1 April 2021

Irish Political Prisoners 1960-2000 by Seán McConville from Queen Mary University of London provides one of the most comprehensive accounts of the Northern Ireland troubles to date.

Cargo ship on a river in Georgia Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas presents his latest research at an international conference on emerging trends in international trade law
31 March 2021

Professor Leal-Arcas' latest research focuses on international trade and climate change