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Traditional Chinese palace buildings Belgium plays Beijing in the map with extradition treaty
8 July 2020

Dr Matthieu Burnay addresses some concerns on the Belgium-China extradition treaty for De Standaard

Lauren Holmes standing in front of a hedge with a pink flower to the left of her Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Student organises Global Advocacy Exercise
7 July 2020

Lauren Holmes, a full-time postgraduate student enrolled on the Laws LLM programme and a Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) Student Leader, shares her experience of organising a mock Plea in Mitigation advocacy exercise.

Patrons sat outside the Sherlock Holmes pub in London Regulating public heath on ‘Super Saturday’: misstatements and legal uncertainty
6 July 2020

Revised regulations make no reference to “two households”, “multiple households” or “groups of up to six”, or (for that matter) to ‘linked households’. The view - that two households "of any size" could get together in a “private dwelling" - was misplaced. 

Black Protest Legal Support UK and Race Relations and Policing Project
2 July 2020

Yvonne Kramo has penned a blog for the Bar Council about the important work that Black Protest Legal Support UK are doing

View of London skyscrapers in Bank at sunset Letter: A partnership model is a way to restrain excessive risk-taking
30 June 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra has co-written a letter in the Financial Times in response to an article suggesting that policymakers have not focused on how to restrain excessive leverage

The Red Square in Moscow with tourists walking around Homophobia Disguised as Children’s Rights in Russia’s Constitutional Referendum
30 June 2020

Dr Hedi Viterbo and Yulia Ioffe comment on how Russia, and many other countries, have used the child rights rhetoric to defend homophobia and oppression

Poker chips and a dice sitting on a laptop keyboard Holding gambling companies accountable across different countries
19 June 2020

Professor Julia Hornle discussed international gambling regulation on the BBC World Service Radio

Person's hand holding an iphone Digital apps in times of Covid 19: an illusionary solution
18 June 2020

How is it possible to believe, and to make people believe, that the actions of digital tracking and detection of the movements of potential patients will make it possible to re-establish a "normalized" health and economic order with an acceptable victim rate and to deconflict without too much risk?

A street in Dublin with signs for shops and restaurants ending in a church COVID-19 Lays Bare Ireland’s Selective Approach to Care
17 June 2020

Dr Ruth Fletcher has penned a blog post for the Bill of Health at Harvard Law School

Buenos Aires street lined with cars and obelisk in the background Argentina: restructuring in the time of Covid-19
16 June 2020

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal was featured in the Financial Times speaking on sovereign debt

View of a glass office building from the ground up with the cloudy blue sky reflected on the surface Professor Rosa Lastra is Principle Investigator for Legal and Economic Conceptions of Money
16 June 2020

This project will reconsider the intersection between law and economics with an emphasis on the contribution that law can make to economic conceptions of money

The transition to decentralized energy: Challenges, opportunities and progress
15 June 2020

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas publishes his work on the transition to decentralized energy in a new article

Thomas MacManus giving a lecture to a group of Queen Mary Undergraduate Law students Complete University Guide Ranks Queen Mary 4th in London for Law
9 June 2020

The School of Law was ranked 27th overall, up two places from last year

Smartphone on a table with a screen showing contact tracing is enabled to detect coronavirus transmission An Exit Strategy from Covid-19 Lockdown: Surrendering to Surveillance with Different Design Choices
8 June 2020

There are many questions to be asked regarding digital contact tracing apps developed in response to the coronavirus crisis

Seeing State Secrets: The Significance of Abu Zubaydah’s Self-Portraits of Torture
4 June 2020

In piece for the ezine Jadaliyya, Dr Hedi Viterbo, along with Lisa Hajjar, explain how the drawings offer alternative ways of thinking about tourture

The EU flag with a padlock in the middle of the circle of stars Covid-19: European rules for using personal data
4 June 2020

What existing national security legislation, new bulk analysis efforts, and emergency measures have different states deployed to curb the spread of Covid-19?

Big pink bubble with a location icon in the middle, surrounded by purple and yellow bubbles Covid-19: A New Struggle over Privacy, Data Protection and Human Rights?
4 June 2020

What existing national security legislation, new bulk analysis efforts, and emergency measures have different states deployed to curb the spread of Covid-19?

A windfarm in fields of green grass and rapeseed against a cloudy blue sky Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas just published new findings of his WiseGRID grant
3 June 2020

The article looks at regulation, innovation, and technology for the 21st century energy goals

The Great Energy Transition in the European Union: Volume 1 book cover, with a picture of pylons at sunset New book provides comprehensive analysis of energy transition in the European Union
2 June 2020

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas has just published a two-volume book with the findings of his WiseGRID research grant, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program

View of Lady Justice holding scales from behind Two Queen Mary PhD students win prestigious LAHP studentships
2 June 2020

The London Arts and Humanities Partnership offers up to 90 studentships a year and are highly competitive


People walking through a tree-lined pathway in Green Park, London Open textured legislation in the times of Covid-19: 'reasonable excuse’ and legal certainty'
2 June 2020

This blog examines the problems that can arise when Parliament chooses to regulate conduct in an open-textured manner

The Contribution of Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties to a Sustainable Future
27 May 2020

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas publishes his most recent research on free trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties, and sustainability

How one leaky rubber boat could sink the EU's entire migration policy
27 May 2020

Dr Violeta Moreno Lax comments on on Italy’s deal with Libya regarding migrant ‘pull-backs’ for The Correspondent

A digital image of an eye representing surveillance Responding to Covid-19: Surveillance, Trust and the Rule of Law
26 May 2020

The purpose of this analysis is to focus on the multi-level challenges that, regardless of its form, what is in effect a post-Covid system of mass surveillance poses on well-established principles of law, rights, trust and citizenship

Digital illustration of two people talking with speech bubbles Queen Mary launches Arts and Culture Support Centre
22 May 2020

The Legal Advice Centre and qLegal will support the new initiative by creating online toolkits

EU and Union Jack split diagonally by a crack Why Britain should allow the UK and EU Parliaments to talk after Brexit
20 May 2020

Dr Davor Jancic has written a piece for the LSE Brexit Blog arguing the UK Government's position breaks with a tradition of inter-parliamentary co-operation that long predates the EU

Should private sector debt relief be part of the Exit Strategy?
19 May 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra and Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal took part in an online Private Debt Workshop