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Winners of the inaugural Queen Mary School of Law Black Lives Matter Student Prize announced

The winners of the Queen Mary School of Law Black Lives Matter Student Prize are Vandy Widyalankara (2nd year LLB Student) and Sarah Nizarali (final year LLB Student).

Left: Vandy Widyalankara standing against a brick wall. Right: Sarah Nizarali standing against a wall of plants.

Vandy Widyalankara (left) and Sarah Nizarali (right).

In an impressive field of candidates for the prize, these two stood out for their outstanding contribution to advancing the cause of anti-racism.

Vandy has an impressive record in engaging in anti-racist work, including championing the rights of marginalised communities, and setting up various initiatives that empowered racialised students. Vandy said: "I feel honoured to be recognised by the School of Law and Black Lives Matter UK for my anti-racism activism. Social justice is a significant part of my life, and I am grateful to the Students' Union for giving me the platform to support and celebrate diverse communities. This award is an encouraging reminder to continue championing this important cause."

Sarah, among many other activities, was a student advisor for the Black Justice Project and successfully fought for the inclusion of works by African authors in her language classes. Sarah said: "Winning the Black Lives Matter Student Prize symbolises my small contributions to a community of students dedicated to creating a sea change and refusing to be silenced. Racial justice has always been an inherent part of who I am, and I hope this prize encourages others to actively fight for the voices of marginalised groups to be seen and heard."

Each recipient will receive a £300 prize and have this recorded on their Higher Education Achievement Report transcripts.



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