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School of Law

School of Law Alumni Series

School of Law Alumni Series 2021-22

State duties and the protection of human rights
Speaker: Professor Merris Amos
Date: 13 October 2021

Past events

Watch past events in the Alumni Series 2020-21.

Class Actions after Merricks v Mastercard
Speaker: Professor Rachael Mulheron
Date: 24 February 2021

Meeting the Head of Department
Speaker: Professor Penny Green
Date: 24 February 2021

Parliament and the Courts: a relationship under pressure?
Speaker: Dr Jack Simson Caird
Date and time: 18 March 2021, 2-3pm GMT

Reflections on a life in the law
Speaker: Dame Laura Cox
Date and time: 21 April 2021, 2.30-3.30pm GMT

The impact of Brexit on the treaty-making power in the UK
Speaker: Dr Mario Mendez
Date and time: 19 May 2021, 2-3pm BST

Compatibility of the Montreal Convention with Human Rights Norms
Speaker: Professor Phoebe Okowa
Date and time: 9 June 2021, 6-9pm BST

UK Corporate Governance in a Post-Pandemic World
Speaker: Professor Alan Dignam
Date and time: 1 July 2021, 2-3pm BST