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As the Middle East reforms, is the UK falling to Islamist radicalism?

Dr Prakash Shah appears on the Global Order YouTube channel discussing Islamic extremism in the UK.

Minaret of the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden, London.

Image by Basira Ajmal from Pixabay.

In this detailed conversation, Dr Prakash Shah, Reader in Culture and Law at Queen Mary University, talks to Hindol Sengupta and Dr. Gautam Sen, formerly of the London School of Economics about:

  • why has a 'Muslim vote' pressure group emerged in the UK to force religious demands on the Labour Party,
  • is British society failing to tackle Islamist extremism in its midst,
  • are other religious pressure groups likely to emerge in the UK,
  • can a secular pressure group counter extremism,
  • why the Middle East seems to be embracing pluralism while Islamist extremism is rising in the UK, and,
  • the impact of rising Islamist radicalism in the UK on India-UK ties.



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