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International Economic Law

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Photo of Yuting Su Yuting Su, International Economic Law LLM (2021)
10 August 2022

"CCLS has the best law teaching staff in the world. Staff come from different countries, which means the teaching is not only professional, but also pluralistic."

Yulia Dragunova Yulia Dragunova, International Economic Law LLM (2020)
25 August 2021

"Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and try different roles and activities - academic, professional, moot courts, career events or a specialism representative role."

Stefan Newton Stefan Newton, International Economic Law LLM (2020)
19 August 2021

“My best advice to future students is to leverage the relationships CCLS has with international law firms and the legal sector in the UK. Attend as many of these events as possible. The networks formed during these events are critical in expanding career opportunities.”

Dhonke Ridhong Kafi Dhonke Ridhong Kafi, International Economic Law LLM (2020)
18 August 2021

"CCLS really cares about its students and alumni so they do their best to facilitate their needs."


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