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School of Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Are you a current student or recent alumnus of CCLS? Would you be willing to share your testimonial? If so, you could help a prospective student to make an informed choice to study at Queen Mary (class of 2020, 2021 and 2022 only).

Mateo Garcia Mateo Garcia Fuentes, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2021)
9 March 2021

"I was able to tailor my LLM programme as a large selection of modules were on offer and take advantage of the teachings and advice of highly qualified academics."

Gregores Fylaktou Gregores Fylaktou, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2020)
9 March 2021

“Looking back, I appreciate the entirety of my LLM and the memories accompanying it. It really is a collection of great moments and positive encounters, and I definitely cherish being part of the 2020 cohort and an alumnus of the QMUL community". 

Dhiwani photo Dhwani Mainkar, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2019)
18 November 2020

"A course abroad definitely does entail a major financial investment; I would staunchly recommend it despite the costs, as it more than mitigates the expenses compared to the opportunities it offers." 

Auroshikha Deka profile image Auroshikha Deka, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2019)
2 September 2020

"I will always be grateful to the University and the overall experience provided not only because it helped me with my career but has also personally shaped me into becoming a strong -headed and independent person...."


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