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Commercial and Corporate Law

Are you a current student or recent alumnus of CCLS? Would you be willing to share your testimonial? If so, you could help a prospective student to make an informed choice to study at Queen Mary (class of 2022, 2023 and 2024 only). If you would like to share a news item instead or in addition to your testimonial, please submit it via the News Form

Isak Bashir, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2023)
26 February 2024

"I personally chose to embark on a master’s here due to the widely available resources and material, which allowed me to refine my legal knowledge and understanding of corporate and commercial law."

Ishita Anil Gupta, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2023)
30 November 2022

"I've been able to build confidence in myself as well as become proficient in my law practice."

Hasrat Mehta Hasrat Mehta, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2023)
11 May 2022

"Queen Mary University London not only nurtures a variety of thought, but also teaches the importance of working together as citizens of one world".

Utkarsha Nikam Utkarsha Dnyaneshwar Nikam, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2022)
5 January 2022

"I participated in many webinars hosted by the Centre for Commercial Law, presented my research at the Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Conference, and served as a marketing officer at the Queen Mary Bar Society of QMUL."

Vatsal Mayur Parikh Vatsal M Parikh, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2022)
4 November 2021

"I am thankful and indebted to QMUL for polishing and nourishing my legal career far better." 

Mateo Garcia Mateo Garcia Fuentes, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2021)
9 March 2021

"I was able to tailor my LLM programme as a large selection of modules were on offer and take advantage of the teachings and advice of highly qualified academics."

Gregores Fylaktou Gregores Fylaktou, Commercial and Corporate Law LLM (2020)
9 March 2021

“Looking back, I appreciate the entirety of my LLM and the memories accompanying it. It really is a collection of great moments and positive encounters, and I definitely cherish being part of the 2020 cohort and an alumnus of the QMUL community". 


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