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Intellectual Property Law

Are you a current student or recent alumnus of CCLS? Would you be willing to share your testimonial? If so, you could help a prospective student to make an informed choice to study at Queen Mary (class of 2022, 2023 and 2024 only). If you would like to share a news item instead or in addition to your testimonial, please submit it via the News Form

Nithi Charanwong portrait Nithi Charanwong, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2023)
2 August 2023

"My time at Queen Mary has not only prepared me for the present but also instilled a profound sense of enthusiasm and curiosity for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving realms of law and technology."

Azeezat Periola, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2022)
3 February 2023

"Combining modules made me see things from a different perspective and have a greater appreciation of how the law applies to different sectors."

Christos Sakellaropoulos Christos Sakellaropoulos, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2022)
16 February 2022

"I can safely say that, overall, QMUL and the LLM Intellectual Property Law programme made a massive contribution to both my personal and professional development". 

Pauliina Ketonen Pauliina Ketonen, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2021)
14 December 2021

"qLegal gave me confidence in my legal and soft skills and proved definitively that I am in the right field and in the right profession."

Ana Ortega, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2022)
27 July 2021

"Being specialised in fields of IP that are somehow new or unpopular will give me an advantage."

Liska Hutchinson Liska Marie Hutchinson, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
25 November 2020

"With a wide selection of modules ranging from fundamentals such as copyright and trademarks to more in-depth, comparative and internationally focussed modules such as commercialisation and global IP, CCLS provided the perfect environment for me to accomplish my goals".

Céleste Berta Céleste Berta, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
17 November 2020

"The Professors were really available, helpful and supportive beyond the classic settings, I am still in contact with some of them."

María Camila Melo Hoyos María Camila Melo Hoyos, Intellectual Property Law LLM (2020)
16 November 2020

"I would recommend QMUL and the IP LLM to students and professionals from all over the world. This course provided me with the tools to understand the international legal framework related to IP."


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