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New Centre for Preventive Neurology established in Queen Mary's Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Queen Mary University of London is proud to announce a new Centre for Preventive Neurology (CPN), based in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health (WIPH). This will be the only Centre for Preventive Neurology in the UK.

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The new Centre builds on the success of the Preventive Neurology Unit (PNU), and will continue to produce revolutionary research into dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes and informing policy around neurological conditions.

The PNU was founded in 2017 with strategic investment by Barts Charity, and has since expanded significantly. The progress of the Unit to achieve Centre status reflects its rapidly growing reputation and unique research portfolio. Its work across multiple neurological conditions, with a view to developing interventions underpinned by high quality evidence from diverse populations, is internationally unique. The CPN will be led by Professor Ruth Dobson, with Deputy Lead Professor Alastair Noyce.

People living with neurological disease are central to the work of the CPN, which is at the forefront of patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) in research. The Centre will continue to partner with community groups across East London and the UK to ensure that its research remains relevant to participants, and will continue to work with a range of disciplines to explore novel PPIE methodology. The CPN will prioritise inclusivity to ensure that diverse patient populations and communities are fully represented. 

The team’s research has resulted in a year-on-year increase in grant income from major UK funders (NIHR, MRC, Innovate UK), charities (Barts Charity, Parkinson’s UK, Michael J Fox Foundation, Cure Parkinson’s, MS Society, NMSS, BMA Foundation) and industry (Alchemab, Charco Neurotech, Biogen, Merck). They have published >200 articles in respected journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Genetics, and Lancet Neurology, with research regularly featured in mainstream news in television, radio and print media. The impact of their work is seen through influence on national policy, international consensus documents, and treatment guidelines.

Professor Ruth Dobson, Lead for the Centre of Preventive Neurology, said: "I am delighted to be leading the new Centre of Preventive Neurology. Our progression from Unit to Centre is testament to our inclusive approach and the quality of the research we’ve produced. Most importantly, we are immensely proud of the culture we have worked to create within the Centre for Preventive Neurology. We have a diverse, productive, cross-disciplinary and highly motivated group who underpin our successes, all of whom have contributed to the momentum that has resulted in the creation of our new Centre."

WIPH Director, Professor Fiona Walter said: "We are delighted to recognise the success of Barts Charity’s strategic investment in the Preventive Neurology Unit just six years ago, with the launch of our new Centre for Preventive Neurology. The group is already widely recognised for their impactful research, and we wish the new Centre continuing success across their research and education activities."

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