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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Professor Nelya Koteyko, MA, PhD


Room Number: 2.37, Francis Bancroft


Research interests: online health-related communication and interaction, digital identity, illness narratives, media representations of science and medicine

Ongoing and recent projects

2020-2022: Principal Investigator- ESRC standard grant 'Autistic adults online: enabling autistic sociality in digital networked environments'. Co-I Prof J Vines. Website:

We have collaborated with Futurum to produce an outreach publication for this project:

2013 –2018:  Work Package Leader - AHRC funded program ‘Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery: Connecting Communities for Mental Health and Wellbeing’. PI: Prof. P Crawford.

2013-2015: Principal Investigator – ESRC standard grant ‘Chronic illness and online networking: expectations, assumptions, and everyday realities’. Co-I: Prof B Gunter.

2013-2015: Visiting Researcher/collaborator on LINGCLIM Project. ‘Linguistic representations of climate change discourse and their individual and collective interpretations’ funded by SAMKUL-programme, Research Council of Norway. PI: Prof K. Flottum.

2011-14: Co-Investigator on the research project 'From Greenhouse Effect to Climategate: A systematic study of climate change as a complex social issue' funded by the ESRC and NWO ORA fund.

2008-2010: Co-Investigator on the ESRC-funded project "Carbon compounds': Lexical creativity and discourse formations in the context of climate change'. PI: Prof B Nerlich.


BAAL Special Interest Group 'Health and Science Communication'

I am Convenor of 'Health& Science Communication' SIG of the British Association for Applied Linguistics




Google Scholar profile


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Book chapters

  • Atanasova, D., Koteyko, N. (2020). Fighting obesity, sustaining stigma: How can critical metaphor analysis help uncover subtle stigma in media discourse on obesity. In Applying Linguistics in Illness and Healthcare Contexts. Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 223-243.
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Journal special issues

Peer-reviewed journal articles


Koteyko, N., Van Driel, M, Vines, J, (in press). Autistic sociality on Twitter: Enacted affordances and affiliation strategies. Discourse & Communication


 Atanasova, D., Koteyko, N., Brown, B., Crawford, P. (2019). Mental Health and the Media: From Illness to Wellbeing. Sociology Compass.


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  • Koteyko, N. and Atanasova, D. (2018). Mental health advocacy on Twitter: positioning in Depression Awareness Week tweets. Discourse, Context & Media




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