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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

English Pronunciation Skills

Module code: EAL4680

HEAR transcript: included as co-curricular activities 

Module duration: 5 weeks / 2 hrs per week 

Skills Points for doctoral students: 10 

Non-credit bearing

Preparation and assessment: none

If English is not your first language, you might find certain words or sounds in English difficult to say. Perhaps you find English speakers impossible to understand? This short course allows you to develop a greater awareness of English sounds and practise word stress, speech rhythm, connected speech and natural intonation. You will be twisting your tongue and deciphering sounds on a weekly basis, so that you can gain more confidence in your pronunciation and in your ability to understand authentic English. If you wish to gain even more practice sign up to EAL4650 Effective Presentations in the second part of the semester.

 Key skills: fluency in speaking, confidence in oral delivery, British English accent

Students' feedback on this module: 

"The classes offered opportunities to practise English sounds, and our teacher was very skillful when teaching us about English intonation."

"I am more confident now when speaking. I enjoyed this class." 

"The materials are very useful - I will refer to them in the future. Thank you for teaching us!" 

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