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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Modern Arabic

People in a square in Dubai

Arabic is spoken by about 400 million people, is an official language in over 20 countries, and is one of the five most widely spoken languages in the world. Speakers of Arabic are in high demand. Knowledge of the language can help you in a government career, but it will also be of benefit in business and in industries such as engineering, medical, and in the non-profit and international relations sectors. Speaking Arabic can help you build relationships with business people in wealthy Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Arabic modules for 2022/23 are offered at Beginner, Elementary or Intermediate levels.

They can be taken for credit or not-for-credit. Modules with 44 taught classroom hours are worth 15 credits, those with 88 taught classroom hours are worth 30 credits. Check your level

Most of our modules are year-long. Intensive modules (two sessions @ 2 hours a week) can also be taken over one semester only. In academic year 2022/23, all language modules will be taught in-person, on the Mile End campus. The module list and timetables for 2022/23 will be made available on this website in summer 2022, as well as an online application form to register.

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