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Working with schools


The QMUL Confucius Institute is keen to work with Primary and Secondary Schools to provide Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture classes for students.

We will work with you to provide a tailored service that suits your needs.

Why learn Mandarin at school?

School students today need the skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in a global world - and Mandarin Chinese is one of the main languages to learn to compete in an increasingly global jobs market. But more than that, especially for school students, learning about Chinese culture and learning Mandarin are fun: the excitement of learning about a rich and fascinating culture is often the motivating force that helps students to learn the language. There is now a much greater general awareness in schools and in the wider community that Chinese is a possible language option.

The QMUL Confucius Institute can offer:

- Classes taught by a native speaker teacher

- Classes co-taught by a UK teacher with language teaching experience and the native speaker teacher

- After School Clubs: if you are considering Chinese as an addition to the curriculum, or would like to supplement your school's existing language-learning programme, a Chinese 'after-school club' is a great way to introduce students to the language, and a great way to measure the level of interest among students and parents before introducing a more formal curriculum. 

- Taster sessions and China Day workshops: our native speaker teachers can deliver informal fun classes on : Chinese language taster; Chinese New Year; Chinese numbers and zodiac signs; Games on Chinese culture and customs; Chinese songs and dance; Chinese food; Chinese arts and crafts; Chinese stories for children.


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