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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

QM Elevate

Unlock your potential with our university-wide programme in academic and professional skills development. 


Want to communicate with confidence at university and beyond?

QM Elevate classes will help you excel in your studies. We will equip you with practical tools and proven techniques to boost your academic performance. You will develop and enhance your academic writing skills whatever your level or assignment. You will learn to speak with confidence both in and out of the classroom and add flair to your presentations. We will help you approach your studies efficiently and effectively with a critical mindset and unlock your academic potential. 

Want to gain a competitive edge in your future career?

QM Elevate also offers a range of engaging classes which give you an edge in securing that dream job. Employers are looking for effective communicators and our classes in intercultural communication, context-appropriate professional writing, and storytelling for success provide the perfect opportunity to develop these skills.  

Whether you are at the start, in the middle or towards the end of your academic journey, or a home or an international student, or an undergraduate or postgraduate, QM Elevate is a university-wide programme designed with you in mind.  

Join us. We can work on your goals and nurture your talents together!  

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