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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Academic Listening

Module code: EAL4640

HEAR transcript: included as co-curricular activities 

Module duration: 5 weeks / 2hrs a week

Skills Points for doctoral students: 10 

Non-credit bearing  

Preparation and assessment: none 

Having trouble understanding lectures? Do you lose concentration half-way through or get lost when a tutor makes jokes? Academic listening is a very active process and there are many techniques you can apply to get the most out of your lectures and seminars. You will have an opportunity to learn about verbal cues and signals, enhance your note-taking skills and explore various strategies for awkward situations so you can develop confidence in your ability to engage with spoken language. This module is especially useful for international students whose first language is not English.

Key skills: listening for purpose, understanding how lectures are structured, taking comprehensive notes 

Students' feedback on this module: 

"I am really happy I took this class. I can engage with lectures now and feel confident about my note-taking skills."

"I never knew that lectures follow a certain structure; I can listen more actively now and learn more from lectures!"

"The class materials are very thorough and full of examples. I developed my listening skills but I feel I also learnt many new words. Thank you!"


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