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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Research Writing Workshops

Module code: EAL7620

HEAR transcript: included as co-curricular activities 

Module duration:  10 weeks / 2 hrs a week

Skills Points for doctoral students: 20

Non-credit bearing  

Preparation and assessment: none 

This module is primarily for PhD or Master’s level students working on research projects. It covers key aspects of the writing process such as structure and readability and helps you advance your ability to evaluate and revise your own writing.

These are hands-on workshops and tutorials where you are encouraged to express and develop your critical voice in written form over the course of the semester. You will also have the chance to connect with other students in your faculty on their research journey, discuss your ideas and receive feedback on your writing including in individual tutorials with your module teacher.

Key skills: writing descriptively and critically, structuring a research report, revising the text with a research audience in mind 

Students' feedback on this module: 

"I wish I had taken it at the start of my PhD, but it is also very useful in my third year!" 

"Classes were great and I had the chance to work on my own project. The teacher was very knowledgeable and fun too!"

"QM+ for this module has lots of useful links and resources. I also thought that the tutorials were very insightful. The class did increase my confidence in my writing ability. Thank you!"

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