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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film


Research at the Language Centre covers a range of Applied Linguistics Areas. Particular research strengths include:

  • Institutional communication
  • Multimodality
  • The relationships between politics, language, and culture
  • Computer-mediated communication

Staff and students at the Language Centre actively participate in the research events organised by the British Association of Applied Linguistics/BAAL. The Department covers its PhD students' membership of BAAL offering the opportunity to students to attend various BAAL events and present ongoing work.

BAAL has a number of Special Interest Groups/SIGs such as Special Interest Group on Health and Science Communication. The Special Interest Group provides a forum for the study of applied linguistics topics in the domain of health and science communication bringing together researchers who combine concepts and methods from applied linguistics with those from other disciplines such as sociology, medical humanities, anthropology, media studies, psychology, and cultural studies.

PhD in Applied Linguistics



How to apply

You can find the application to PhD in Applied Linguistics on the University page

Note that indication of interest on the part of a potential supervisor does NOT guarantee acceptance into the programme. Admissions decisions are made by a panel, and take into account all elements of your application dossier.

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