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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

English through Literature

Module code: EAL4700

HEAR transcript: included as co-curricular activities 

Module duration: 10 weeks / 2hrs a week

Skills Points for doctoral students: 20

Non-credit bearing  

Preparation and assessment: none 

Are you an international student keen to learn more about the English language and deepen your understanding of English-speaking cultures? This module gives students from all disciplines an opportunity to read and discuss both classic and modern writers in English from Charles Dickens to Benjamin Zephaniah. This is a wonderful place to share your ideas and thoughts, learn more vocabulary and gain new perspectives. This is not a course in expert literary criticism so come along whatever your discipline is. All you need is a love of culture and an open mind. 

Key skills: analysing literature, using rhetorical devices, arguing and debating 

Students' feedback on this module: 

"Our teacher is amazing and so patient. I wish the class lasted two semesters!" 

"I learnt how to use language with precision and appeal to different audiences."

"The class helped me to understand British culture and sparked my creativity in writing. Thank you!" 

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