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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Department of Comparative Literature

What is Comparative Literature?

Comparative Literature is a well-established, demanding and exciting subject which allows you to study literature written in languages from across the world, and to explore literature in conjunction with other cultural and artistic production (film, music, painting, philosophy). It's all about expanding your literary and cultural horizons.

About us

5 reasons to study with us

  1. the range of modules available
  2. our location in London and the thriving, culturally dynamic East End
  3. the commitment and expertise of our specialist staff
  4. the diversity of our students and staff
  5. our collaborations with external partners, from publishers to museums


Take a look at this video if you would like to hear what one of our ex-students has to say 

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Comparative Literature and Culture is a growing and exciting centre for research into some of the most important questions there are about human culture

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BA Liberal Arts

A new degree for 2022, BA Liberal Arts.

Featuring Language and Culture - Global Cultures - Societies and Cities

Full details about this new programme here

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