School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Queen Mary Postcolonial Seminar

A seminar series hosted by Queen Mary University of London's Departments of English, Comparative Literature, and History. The seminar brings together scholars from Queen Mary and beyond with interests in postcolonial studies, broadly conceived. 

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Term Two 2019 Convenors: Charlotta Salmi (English), Leslie James (History)


  • Work-in-progress Seminar
    'Dinkar's China Writings: The 1957 Chinese Literary Sphere in Hindi'*
    Adhira Mangalagiri, QMUL
    4 October, 6 pm, ArtsTwo 2.17
    *please email for a copy of the paper
  • Public Lecture
    'Reading for the Planet: Environmental Crisis and World Literature'
    Jennifer Wenzel, Columbia University
    30 October, 6 pm, ArtsOne Lecture Theatre
  • Reading Group
    A discussion of Fernando Coronil’s 'Toward a Critique of Globalcentrism: Speculations on Capitalism’s Nature', Public Culture 12:2 (2000), 351-74. 
    27 November, 6pm, ArtsTwo 2.17
  • Lecture
    David Austin speaking about his new book 'The Poetics and Politics of Freedom: Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution'
    6 March, 2-4pm in Laws 1.02