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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Expand your Vocabulary in English

Module code: EAL4720

HEAR transcript: included as co-curricular activities 

Module duration: weeks 5 / 2hrs a week 

Skills Points for doctoral students: 10

Non-credit bearing  

Preparation and assessment: none 

The knowledge of vocabulary helps you read more quickly, listen more effectively and express yourself more clearly in both speaking and writing. This module will help you understand how words are used in various combinations and contexts, explore techniques for remembering words and use the latest corpora and research tools to increase your lexical accuracy. Our interactive exercises focusing on world-building, word formation, and word families will help you in your written assignments and presentations. This module is a must for international students who wish to improve their range of English vocabulary.

Key skills: using vocabulary strategies in fluent communication, becoming an independent language learner

Students' feedback on this module:  

"This class helped me to improve the quality of my essays."

"Our teacher was wonderful, I feel very lucky that we had [them] in our class. [They] helped me feel more confident and [their]
suggestions and tips have been very useful for my academic development."

"The module is really useful and should be longer. Our teacher was amazing."

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