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Queen Mary academic elected as a research fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Dr Evangelia Kyrimi, Lecturer in AI and Data Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, was announced as one of three new research fellows by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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As a result, she will receive up to £625,000 over the next five years to undertake research into explainable artificial intelligence to ensure trust in clinical decision systems.

This comes as technological breakthroughs have led to the development of sophisticated healthcare systems. However, these will only become widely adopted if patients and healthcare professionals have confidence in their recommendations.

Dr Kyrimi’s research will help to build trust in these modernised systems, which make use of the latest AI technology, and ensure both medical staff and patients understand why these models have reached a certain prediction or recommendation.

To date, her research has focused on methodologies for eliciting expert knowledge and developing causal graphical models, as well as creating explainable AI models. In her time at Queen Mary, Dr Kyrimi has been involved in projects to improve new AI tools designed for treating wounded soldiers. Additionally, she was involved in developing home-based and wearable real-time monitoring systems for chronic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes in pregnancy.

Dr Evangelia Kyrimi, Lecturer in AI and Data Science at Queen Mary University of London, said: “Being chosen as one of three new fellows is a great honour and I’m thrilled to have been elected.

“The Academy’s network of support and the funding that accompanies this fellowship will be hugely helpful in advancing my research to deliver explainable and transparent healthcare systems that users will trust."

Research Fellowships are the Academy’s flagship programme that supports outstanding early-career researchers to become future research leaders in engineering. The fellowships are designed to advance excellence in engineering by providing funding for five years to allow awardees the freedom to concentrate on basic research in any field of engineering.

Awardees also benefit from mentoring support from an Academy Fellow on research and career development as well as reduced teaching and administrative duties to allow time for research, training opportunities and networking with other Research Fellows and Academy Fellows.

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